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Being stuck and knowing and yet not doing anything. That's a grim reality. Perhaps it is worse than a place where you couldn't do anything. There's a scope for guilt here. What makes you worthy of your possessions? How would you justify that you deserve everything you own or not own.

I've seen countless videos, TED Talks, read so many books and still reading and I can only deduce the answer for myself and it's not satisfactory either. That I was just lucky.
Can't remember where I read, that there's no luck in this world. Of course, you could be lucky once in a while and get struck by thousands or millions of dollars but if you didn't earn that money you would lose it and next thing you know is that you're not lucky enough to get struck by the same virtue.
Four Hour Work Week, I think.

So I was lucky, being born in a fairly well off family. Getting my wishes met, good education, morals, friends and whatnot. Without having done anything myself I'm better off than so many people out there and if I'm not the one supposed to be doing big things, then who is?
Now I'm stuck in looping procrastination. I delay the work I was supposed to have completed months ago and I keep justifying it by learning new things that amount to nothing.
I've done this before and I'm doing this again.
It worked out for a while before and I'm hoping it will work better this time.

Deja vu.

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