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"The things we fear the most have already happened to us"

There's nothing to be feared here. But to not speculate something would be a loss of imagination. With the "not so recent" development practices in India, there's has been a surge of Internet users coming out of every corner of the country.
Thanks to Mukesh Ambani and his venture of Jio Telecommunication that significantly inflated the cost of usage of Mobile Internet.

Before the coming of Jio Internet in India, the telecommunication companies were looting people out of their ignorance with unfair pricing. Now, these companies are trying all their cards to leech any amount of money they could from their loyal customers. How and why?
Allow me to clear a picture of business development and profiteering that has happened for years in this country.

Mobile Internet prices inflated so badly that these companies had to plead against Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to make amends else these companies would have been forced to shut down out of the losses they were incurring. There's a cost for initialising a business and to keep it running. When the cost required to keep the business running exceeds the losses they start rethinking their choices or start forcing the government to take actions. The cost of initialising the business was nothing compared to the profits they were making before digital India. Fun fact, the SMS we send for whatever they charge us costs literally nothing to telecom companies. That's right. Telecom companies could just make the SMS free for everyone but no, it's part of their profiteering program.

Before the coming of Jio Internet, telecom companies had the general public by short curlies. There were no better options, only similar ones. There were collaborations happening between telecom companies for network coverage and small telecom companies rising and dying out of nowhere.

Now after this short burst of the Internet how will the things unfold. Even though one might think Mukesh Ambani's Nobel gesture of gifting the Internet to the general public of India is all great, there's a possibility of things ruining up.
The censorship and the governments thirst for control over people. To this day, Jio Internet blocks all major porn websites. The government of India, if it weren't for Supreme Court would have just remanded people doing cryptocurrency mining. What role will Jio Internet play in this?

To be honest, there's nothing to be worried about. You can still use VPN to access anything blocked and the Internet in India might never become a monopoly of just one company.
Even though there's a rise in the Internet users in India, they are mostly still technically handicapped.
The good old Indian Dreamlife is about sitting in a cubicle in a multi-story building and clicking buttons on a keyboard.
The Internet even though is well spread throughout this country now, most of the people just waste their time and life watching girls shake their butts on camera. It might still take some time for the ignorant to understand the technology they hold has far more capabilities than what they prefer doing with it.

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