First Post

Hello world.
This is blog. How are you?
Not that I'm interested in knowing.

This is where I am going to post updates to everything. This is my personal blog. I am Abhay Singh from India.
I play DotA, CS:GO and alot of new and old games which run out of fashion now and then. I would write about technology, personal life, tips and tricks, life hacks and what not.
I used to blog while I was in High School, then I don't know what happened and I stopped. Well anyways here I am again.

Yesterday I transferred this blog from self hosted WordPress to Blogger. Why?

Simple reason, I am more confident of Google hosting my website compared to any other hosting company which would take my site down without letting me know just because I ate a little more of their so called unlimited bandwidth.

That's all for right now. I will be writing a lot. I hope so.

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