Best Resume Template for Freshers

To land a nice job, all you need is a knowledge. Knowledge of the field you are looking for a job into and ability to convince the recruiter that you are best fit for the job you have applied for.
When it comes to sitting in the interviews especially for freshers, it is a rare occurrence that the recruiters pay attention to everything that is written in your resume. For this reason, we should have a resume that focuses the strong points and is easy to interpret.

I have sat in over a dozen interviews and been in talks with a few of trainers about making a good resume. This was even thought in the colleges my friends went to but not in the college I went to. We were kind of forced to hit and try things out.

I stumbled across various resume template but they were always so congested and meant for someone with quite an experience. As a fresher I didn't have much to write about and story telling in the resume is a toxic move many freshers do.

I use the following template.

Download links:

I would suggest using the PDF format file. Download and edit it with your credentials or upload it to Google Drive and edit it there.

123 Street, XYZ
City Name, State. 201005

M (+91)  XXXXX0987


Something you can remember. After writing it memorize it. Change it for every different interview you sit in according to the requirement defined.


Engineering B.Tech Computer Science (2016)
R.D. Engineering College, Duhai, Ghaziabad
Academic Performance:
  • 1st Year: XXXX/2000
  • 2nd Year: XXXX/2000
  • 3rd Year: XXXX/2000
  • 4th Year: XXXX/2000
  • Aggregate: XXXX/5000
Class 12th C.B.S.E (2012)
XYZ School, New Delhi
Academic Performance: XX.XX%

Class 10th  C.B.S.E (2010)
PQRS Schoo, Ghaziabad
Academic Performance: X.0 C.G.P.A.


Freelance Graphic Designer (Self)

Digital Point Forums, Freelancer, wJunction

Delivering required graphics work to the client satisfaction in and before the decided time.

WordPress Theme Designer(Self)

Been designing WordPress themes for over 3 years. got 5,000+ downloads.

Android App Development(Summer Training)

XYZ, Nirman Vihar, New Delhi

Learned to operate Eclipse for Android Development. Successfully submitted various mini projects.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Java

Platforms and packages: WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, GIMP. Inkscape, Microsoft, Open Office, Eclipse, Android Studio

Touch Typer: 40-50 words per minute.

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