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How to tackle depression Like a boss

How to tackle depression Like a boss
If you are looking for answers on how you can get rid of depression you probably are depressed. That's the sad news. The good part is you are not aware how much depressed you are. That could be really low or maybe this is not really the good part. But then again there is no problem in the world that cannot be solved. Today I am going to share some of my views to help you get back the life you want.

First of, there is this thing called acceptance. If you can't accept something, you can't change it. Let's say you doubt that you are depressed but then at times you feel like there is something wrong in your gut. Then for that instance just accept it. That's it. You accept it just when you are depressed. Once you do, then you can see things through and work out a solution.

Let's just say you are depressed for some lame or very reasonable reason like broken relationship, one-sided crush didn't work out, no job, lower grades etc. Just accept it. Now we move to the solution part. Do you have a solution to your problem? I bet you have. But you are scared to follow that solution. You are afraid something might go wrong. But hey, could it be worse then what it is? Maybe , maybe not.
Most of the times we tend not to go an extra mile out of insecurities, lack of patience, and pressure.

Let me cover some situations I have been through and how I managed to get back on my feet.

1. I had a terrible love-story. I followed No Contact(NC) and made sure I did certain things to keep myself busy. I didn't get out of depression over a day. It took me over an year. But with every month passing by I felt better. I also followed this guide link: http://getyourexbackpermanently.com/ and I bet my life on this it works. Go ahead and read it. Completely over and again when you feel bad. Give special focus to part of No Contact.

2. I have never been good at academics. But I had knowledge. I have an understanding of alot of practical things that could land me a job but I lacked interest in studies. I had low grades. I still have them but not as low as they were. Solution was giving up certain amusements for some time. You see, this thing called No Contact works not only in case of people. But you can use it to your advantage by applying the same on any addiction you don't like. I managed to free myself lots of time and when I was spare I had nothing but to study. Concentrating was hard but I had no other choice either.

3. No job no fun. That's how I read it to myself. When there was campus placement in my college and everyone was landing a fine job. I challenged myself to get a job. It took me just one month to get a job. Although it wasn't a high paying one but I tackled my challenge. I had money and I was happy. How I did? I read. I read about interviews and how to answer basic questions. You see technical questions will have same answers every time. It's the non technical part people usually fail in. I am still working on this part of my skill. Improving my communication skills. I tend to repeat the words in the Movies and shows I watch. I read to increase my vocabulary, and I write(like this) to improve my grammar.

Bottom line is we always have the solution to whatever problem we are in. We are only too lazy, impatient, or scared to follow the solution. So ask yourself, sort out a solution and work it out.
You only live once. Make it count.

Abhay Singh
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