[EZ GUIDE] How to increase your DOTA2 MMR by upto three folds

This is not a sell-out post. No fees, nothing. Just a little guide and a set of rules to get you through. You would have probably heard of it all already but you wouldn't be following it.
Are you stuck in a MMR bracket you don't think you deserve? Are you struggling to increase your MMR but keep getting win-loose streaks?

Well let's fix that.
First of all let's see why you are stuck in a MMR bracket.
- You keep getting crap team mates.
- You keep getting trash talkers.
- You are not in the mood of winning and just playing for fun.
and there could be plenty more reasons you can tell yourself.
But then how do we fix it?

The solution is to set some ground rules. I'm assuming you have probably played over 500 matches to ever consider this. Because it really takes alot of games to actually understand DOTA2.

I did so when I had completed my 1500 games and I was stuck in 1k MMR bracket. I had been as low as 167 MMR, and believe me it is lot more difficult to get out of 1K MMR bracket than jump next 1K MMR.

Back to setting some ground rules.

First, do NOT trash talk. This is the part most people don't always understand. You see, you flame at one, somebody would flame at you next, and this vicious cycle just goes on. Try to understand that everybody has bad games, you must have had bad games yourself. Try not to trash talk. The best way to do it is to never talk at all. Only use the chat wheel to communicate. 
So the first rule is

Do NOT talk in chat and only use chat wheel to communicate.

Now, given that you don't chat with others there is very low chance of getting in a in-team fight. But to remove any possibilities of that, you can simply mute your team mates. Unless you are sure that you will not loose your mind in certain situations.

So second rules is more like conditional norm.

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Mute all in case you sense a tension.

Now third rule is to do the team pick instead of carrying the team all by yourself.
This is really important and people don't really play support voluntarily. But again why would somebody play support having played with useless carries in past.
If you decide to pick first always pick the support. For this of course you have to learn to play all different heroes.
I often spam Crystal Maiden support and max my rooting ability to get my carry easy kills.

So rule three would be 

Increase your versatility and learn as many heroes as you can to counter enemy team.

As much as the term Practice makes a man perfect is valid here, there is no denying the fact that you can learn more by watching professionals play DOTA than practice all by yourself.

Watch Professional DOTA matches to improve your skills.

And last but not the least,


This part might get a little confusing. Because I'm not talking in sense for just a match but all of your matches.
You see, once you lose a match, give yourself a break. It's like getting the negatives out of your head for the next match. Unless of course you are in a winning streak, keep on playing because you probably are spamming a particular hero of whose mechanics you have understood well for now. But if you loose a match, just don't immediately run into another match. Same goes for you when you are in a match. When you die once, don't just start throwing the match in hope of comeback gold. Give yourself a minute or two to relax and get to know the situation. Farming is really important in DOTA and once you die we tend to jump into hero-fighting rather than focusing on farming.
Set a little goal of farming like, doing 50 last hits in first 10 minutes when you are playing carry and assure 100 last hits by the time of 20 mins. 

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