How to make stunning quotes and motivational posters

You must have seen them. Everybody needs a little motivation from time to time. Not that you have to copy stuffy from others you can create your own as well.
So we are going to make some quotes poster now.

I use GIMP for doing any image editing. You can use Adobe Photoshop of course.
But I prefer GIMP and support it since it's free and Open source.

Objective: To make a poster/banner of my favorite quotes.

Things we need: A nice quotes GIMP or Adobe Photoshop.
One of my favorite quotes from SKINS UK by Cassie which is
"That's people. We arrive, we consume what we can, and then leave."

Now we need a good a photo of the speaker, in this case it is Cassie. I found this high quality image of Hannah Murray by filtering the contents in search by size.

I will be making a banner of size 1024x768 so I resized the image. Now using the rule of thirds of photgraphy I adjusted the image's position.

I made the image layer to the size of canvas so that I can edit it. 

 Then I used cloning tool to fix the white patch.

Now I added the text and formatted as I like to make it look good, also I chose a font that is rather heavy. 

Then I desaturized the image and also checked the contrast and brightness to emphasize more on the quote. 

So far my quotes Image look like this.

Doing some minor tweak like opacity and taking out different text in different layers I made.

Here's one bonus blush.

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