How to Download Movies?

Simple question, simple answer is through the Internet. But then how?
I'm going to disclose the trick to get you the latest Hollywood, Bollywood movie and possibly in the best possible picture quality.

First of all disclaimer.
I do NOT support piracy but I don't despise it either. I believe piracy plays an important role in the popularity of the content. You have a proper functioning brain to choose from right and wrong here if you can read this. 
Given that anyone who downloads anything after reading this article is not my responsibility. I don't care if FBI knocks your door for downloading X-Men Days of Future Past. I watched it on the big screen, just in case if you're interested.

Now the trick.

Let's say you want to download certain latest movie like Badrinath Ki Dulhania. You just have to google the term in the following format

"movie name" + download

"movie name" + watch online

Now you are very likely to get confused from so many links that appear. Best links are probably the ones with torrent.
Now the torrent links have certain characteristics that make some links better than other.
The better torrents have High Seeders, so that's one way of filtering the right content for you.
Now in case you want to download somewhat old movie, following is the best possible way.

Google the term,

"Pirate bay proxy" 

From the list you get, open any site and search for your desired movie. You're very likely to get best torrent only.

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