Solution to DOTA2 Ping for BSNL Users

Please go to link: Ping fix for BSNL users for an easy 2-minute solution.
Okay, first of all, let me give you some bad news. There is no permanent solution to this problem. You can Google as much you want but there is no proper solution to this problem.
I advice switching from BSNL to any local ISP. BSNL has terrible service and their customer care seems rather careless of the customer's problems.

Now, why does BSNL give such a terrible ping at times and somewhat better ping other times?
It's because of the terrible routing of the request. When pinging to the servers in Singapore or what we usually call SEA Servers, BSNL oftentimes sends the requests through the servers in EU and USA which takes over twice as long to do the request directly.

Solution to the problem?
- Restart the router until you switch to a better IP which routes the request properly.

Another way which might work for you is calling the SDO in your locality and ask them to not give you certain IPs. Now I'm not sure whether or not they will listen to your troubles, you are better off getting some other connection.

You can check the IP you are assigned from your local IP which is
Note down all of the IPs you don't get a proper ping from and report them to the SDO.

Also, there's a better way to do this on this article:

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