Update: Job Hunting Begins

Well this time I am job hunting. Why? What happened to my strong independent blog, game development and all those lessons learning? 
I will continue to do all that in my spare time. Turns out life isn't all that easy and it's even harsh when you are not earning anything significant but spending like a beast. I have booked a trip to Malaysia with my friends and given that I don't have any job or any working business to fund it for me I have to look for a job.
Now the part how I am doing my job search.
I did like any other sane being signed up on jobs websites Naukri.com, Indeed.co.in, and Monster.com

I updated my resume(lie), and short listed some categories of jobs that would be feasible for me. Which were Web Development, Designing or any software development trainee program.

Having done that I found plenty of job openings. Only problem is most of the job opening are by Outsourcing and placement services firm. I sincerely hate such companies because half of them seems to be fraudulent only trying to suck the money out of someone desperate for job.
I have been giving interviews past three days, one each day. Skipped an interview today for Merino Services because upon reading their reviews I highly doubt them besides all that I am not paying them anything for the training. 
Similarly there was a Sapiens Corporate Services in Netaji Subhash Place. They wanted me to submit certain registration fees and they will be taking half of first salary upon placement. Wow!
Big NO.

For anyone looking into jobs one small advice, avoid outsourcing companies which have corporate services, placement services at their end. If not atleast make sure you specifically confirm that on call that they do not ask for any registration fees. Most of such companies are legal fraud and you can always check their reviews on Google. 

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