Life at Experis IT Bangalore | Job Hunting Update

Well I happen to have landed into an opportunity I cannot afford to miss. I have moved to Bangalore for a training provided by Manipal Global. I'm here on behalf of Experis IT. Seems to be a great opportunity for a fresher like me. I will be spending next three months here for sure and after that I will either be sent back to Delhi-NCR or some other place depending on the company's needs. That is when I clear my training with a desired outcome. 
I don't have any means to continue gaming so yea, less distractions. I will keep this blog updated with all of the new things I learn this way I can also keep myself on track.

So far my experience has been life transforming. I have managed to stay away from games(DOTA2) just because I don't have access to it here, I got many more people here to socialize with. 

I'm part of Graduate Training Programme here abbreviated as G,T. Programme. My living expenses such as hostel and the food are covered by Experis IT a subsidiary of Manpower Group.
We will be training here in Java for IBM which is yet to start. The complete course is yet to be disclosed. This is my third day here.

Apart from all this if you get an opportunity to enter this programme you should opt for it. I happen to have sacrificed my trip to Malaysia for this. I hope it will be as worthy as I think it is. This is the best place for a fresher to start from. 

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