Long time no see. Personal Update

Hi, this is me, Abhay communicating through this immensely popular medium of knowledge which we use for watching cat videos.

I had a lot of things happening the past few many months. I quit my job to become a game developer. Halfway through I'm still learning things. But above the I'm enjoying my life spending money on things I shouldn't and doing lots of right things when it comes to family and friends.

I do understand I had a lot of projects I should have worked on before but things get complex and we tend to move to simpler things. Same way I'm progressing at my own pace. I decided to revisit my blog and make updates for now. I don't know how long will I remain active for again but I hope I continue this good habit.

Currently, I'm working on a game/software which is doing quite fine. Also, I've started selling 3D printed models on Amazon with my friends.

I still spend most of my time playing video games DOTA2 and PUBG.

For now, I do have few immediate projects I'll start working on. One is writing more and more.
I'll also be sharing another version of my Blogspot theme which now feels even better with minor tweaks.
I've bought a Royal Enfield Classic which I'll be painting black soon and will make a detailed video of how to.

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