PUBG Mobile Gameplay Hacks to own every match

PUBG Mobile has become the most popular mobile game since its inception.
If you've been playing it enough you already know the basics which are pretty self-understanding. But what if you want to reach higher ranks and improve your gameplay?
By following these tips you'll easily manage a rating of over 70 almost every match.

  1. Using mouse and keyboard.
    Ever wonder how the top players have a headshot accuracy of 20% and over?
    You can use a compatible mouse and keyboard using an OTG cable. Dell's KM117 Keyboard-mouse combo uses a single receiver which can easily be used on a mobile phone for gaming.
    I don't use keyboard mouse either, it's only meant for people who take mobile gaming a bit more seriously. 
  2. Practice patience.
    Positioning and patience is everything in this game.
    Don't always attack an enemy when you spot it. Only attack when you have a clear shot and are sure that you're not surrounded by other enemies. There can even be situations where you might get surrounded without having to engage in gunfire. Just take cover and hide in not so obvious location then slowly move out later.
  3. Blue zone does not kill instantly.
    Understand that the blue zone does not kill you instantly. I know, you must be like I already know that. But the thing to learn here is that the blue zone that comes at the end of the match doesn't kill you instantly either. Collect health packs and don't hesitate to take a longer route through the blue zone if required. Always remember positioning and patience is everything.
  4. It's not about who kills but who survives.
    At the end game, just repeat this to yourself. Make sure you don't move a lot when there are a few players left. Use the eye view to gather information about your surroundings.
  5. Four people are always better than one
    When playing squad stick with your team after gathering your items. Kill before revive, but always revive.
Happy gaming. ;)

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