No One is Judging you

No one is judging you, but if they were, would you still be doing the same thing? Would you still be wasting your time in something unproductive, unfruitful? Would you still be cussing about the past?

You see, if you make your life a public post, you're vulnerable to public opinions yet that compels you to take actions.
It's all about your perspective and how you deal with criticism. But if you plan to stay in the shadows, work at your own pace, deal with your failures alone you're free to do so. Mind that it removes a sense of urgency and a driving force that could keep you on track.

I decided to make my days more productive by writing. Writing about anything and everything I come across. Mostly the stuff that I find useful for others. When I don't find anything, well yea I write about motivation.

What's your getaway?

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