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It's Reddit, the front page of the Internet.

I was introduced to Reddit through a subreddit r/dota2 and soon I realized it's the best thing ever.
It's only when you start using it you'll realize how much of the content is just copied off Reddit to different sites like 9GAG and Facebook.

Almost every joke, meme and bizarre videos and GIFs happen to originate from Reddit.
Reddit is also a reliable source for news. Many news websites often just post their content on Reddit for better exposure.

Also, Reddit is one of the greatest sources for NSFW materials. There literally many people and companies posting stuffs.

Good content is always appreciated on Reddit and the Frontpage is full of new informational content and jokes and whatnot.

If you don't find the native Reddit app that appealing you can try Joey for Reddit on Play Store. It's free and there are no ads.
Also, there's a thing called Scroller for Reddit which will auto scroll the images through the subreddits you select. Pretty decent application if you want to just leave a slideshow of r/EarthPorn on your TV or desktop.

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