Unfair practices that ruin the Internet

Most of the time spent on the Internet goes to Social Media and searching. It is no doubt it works in a very well manner but there is no doubt in saying certain practices actually ruin your Internet experience. 

Sometimes you would only useful content way down the line in searches just because Search Engines thought it's a good idea to prioritize certain High Profile websites even if they're not good enough sometimes. It's very much understandable that not everything is perfect and it is supposed to get better over time. But are we really making it better?

The very existence of SEO and related services is the proof that not all content is meant to make sense. People tend to lengthen their articles just for the sake of better SEO. People tend to use certain key phrases, add useless links and what not.
Same goes for Social Media, Twitter and Facebook pages with an insane amount of followers and likes, doesn't create any difference but just an image. Organisations spending money just for image. 

I only rely on Reddit for my daily dose of news and trending stuff. 

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