Why you should sell your Rare Artifact Cards Now

A week since Artifact was launched and if you were lucky enough to bag some rare or expensive cards, well congrats on that.

And what now?
If you're confused if you should be selling all these rarities for a better profit now or should wait and see if their price spike further. 
My suggestion would be to sell them ASAP.

Because this game at the present stage is just launched and might get some balance updates in the times to come. Balance here refers to the addition of other cards that could either counter or buff certain card. Now, this is something you can expect to happen anytime soon. 
If that's so, expect the expensive cards to either get more precious or lose some value. But anything that's just launched is expected to carry a high price in the beginning and it will definitely lose it's value if it stays the same.

So my bet is to sell your rarities for a better profit now and maybe buy them again later when the price melts down.

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