5 Great Places you can get Blog Content Ideas from

Suffering from writer's block? or just have no idea what to write about? These five places can offer you great content ideas and also keep you updated.

  1. Reddit
  2. News Apps, magazines and newspaper
  3. Related Blogs and YouTube Videos
  4. Forums and discussion boards
  5. Google Trends and Keyword research tools
The best possible source of knowledge and information, in my opinion, has always been Reddit. Before being introduced to Reddit I would often waste lots of my time on 9GAG which seems to be fine but it's meant for fun, not information. Reddit is by far the best source for the latest trends and memes. I would have included Quora here, but from past few months, the quality of content in Quora has degraded significantly. Although you can refine your interest in Quora the amount of sponsored content and baseless question just ruins the moment. Nevertheless, Quora is also a great source for getting inspired for writing.

News Apps and magazine are a great way to keep yourself updated with general affairs. Google News is flawless and you can also set your interested topics in it.

One of the healthy habit when blogging is to keeping track of your competition. Read blogs that offer similar content like your blog. Sometimes you can also simply rephrase a blog post in your way. There's nothing wrong in copying an idea.

Join forums and discussion board related to your blog's niche. For example, Steam is a great source for the latest Gaming trends. There are numerous Groups that discuss latest and trending games. 

Google Trends and other keyword research tool offer great help in content writing and keeping the quality. Some notable tools for this are KWFinder, Google Adwords and ahref. 

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