Monologue based game development

I've been working, I've been working really hard. But I was relaxed until now. 
Now, there's a sense of urgency. So I had to fast forward my progress. I've been working on a game which is mostly a monologue of a boy surviving the apocalypse. 

He lives in his room and doesn't go out much just to be careful.
I've formulated a script to work on and started watching monologues for better understanding and improving my acting skills.
I'll update here with all the resources I used to learn over time. 
I'll also be sharing my transcript when it's done. 
So how did go about developing a monologue based game? 
The reason behind this was putting my skills to best use. I wanted to make a video game, and a movie and a Full Motion Video Game (FMV) was the answer to this.
Now I was also short of manpower so I had to design a script/game with lowest possible number of characters and locations. Therefore a room based video wherein there's only one character.
I also found out that the keyword "monologue" isn't all the competing when it comes to search engines. It perfectly fits my needs. 

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