Samy Smart TV for just Rs. 4999 is Bullshit and here's why!

So I just stumbled to a very refreshing news of Samy selling a smart TV for just Rs. 4,999. Now before we get all hyped up I want you guys to understand this is the booking phase and you're just throwing in your money at a product with no users as of now.
The fun part is, this smart TV is not even going to cost you Rs. 4,999 it's going to cost you more like Rs. 7500 to Rs. 8000 depending on your location as they are charging a massive delivery fee of up to Rs. 1800.

Smart Smart TV 32 Inch for Rs 4,999

Massive delivery charge 

The actual cost of Samy Smart TV

That's all.

Now, why should I buy a Smart TV with a very absurd resolution for its size when there are significantly better options readily available on Amazon and other shopping portals.

Take a look at the following TV for instance.

Not only this. I'd like to bring to your attention this piece daylight scam features a 512 MB of ram. And I don't expect it to be carrying a decent interface either. I've had an opportunity to try Kevin Smart TV of 40-inch size and its interfaces straight o
ff sucks. It's an abomination.

So please do a little research before buying this scam-spam-boosted product in the name of Make in India.
There is nothing fascination with this TV.  Samy 32 inch for 4,999 or should I say Rs 8,000 including all taxes and hidden fees.

There are much better options available for slightly over this price.

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