Six books that changed my thought process

A title like 6 books that changed my life would have been a better clickbait(not that I want it to be clickbait) but to be honest I don't yet know if having read all these books will actually bring about a positive change in my life.

Besides all that I read 5 out of these 6 books in about the last 30 days.

Nevertheless, these books did motivate me enough to write a blog post and hopefully continue the habit in the times to come.

If you're just looking for the books and are not interested in my story here's the list,

  1. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie,
  2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, 
  3. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, 
  4. 5 a.m. Club by Robin Sharma, 
  5. Deep Work by Cal Newport, 
  6. The Dip by Seth Godin.

I don't know if the order really matters but I have read these books in the order they are mentioned. With an exception of How to win friends and influence people because I often times keep going back to it.
It's by far the most useful and intriguing help book of all the books I've ever read.

Now how did I happen to go about this journey when I was deep under the obligations to earn money. If this little journey doesn't really pay off I have just wasted over two months in the name of finding myself and my true purpose.
Back when this year started I began to work on developing a video game all by my self. I was often stuck with a creative block or just procrastinated. Things were not really working all that great. I have a responsibility. I'm literally running on the loan from my parents which I'm very fortunate of. But at the same time, I have to report my result to my parents who are investing so much into my hobby. I have quit on three jobs since I left college 3 years ago and I don't any source of income as of writing this blog post. It's not that I didn't make any money since I left my job but right now I have depleted all my funds. 
If it weren't the support from my parents I would have been working in some knowledge work job somewhere.
But I'm grateful for all the support I've got. 

All of these books are content rich and covers a lot of part of life. To just grab a book and call it a life changer would undermine others. It is though surprising how many time different self-help content often point to the same things. For example, it's fascinating how the mention of Theodore Roosevelt is common in many of these books. The 90-minute attention grab, the persistence, the indirect Stoic philosophy.

Getting into a habit of reading books also led me to give up an insidious addiction, DOTA 2. Note that I didn't say Gaming. I still enjoy playing video games but DOTA 2 is a whole different level of addiction. I have clocked over 5000 hours in this game and that is nothing compared to the majority of its player base. I'm not saying that DOTA 2 is not a good game to waste your time in, but to look back all the hours spent in this game and to be able to just free a few hours from your daily life by just not playing this game gave me a perspective. A perspective that my time is more valuable at least at this stage of life. When I get an extra one hour added to my every day I can get more things done without having to compromise with the time meant for relaxing. 

I went through a lot of TED Talks, read many articles on Reddit while also reading the books mentioned. And to be able to think more clearly is my reward for all this effort, at least for now. 

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