A sense of accomplishment goes a long way

Recently I came across a video which discussed how one can tackle procrastination by simple means of creating accomplishment. The trick is to "Not Break the Chain".

This works not only for breaking addictions but also habituating good habits. It's not a coincidence that various sources point to the same direction when it comes to learning a new habit.
For instance, The 5 a.m. Club by Robin Sharma has a 66-day challenge to fall into new habits and become more productive. The no-contact rule lasts for 20 days to 90  days depending on how messed up one it. If you're not aware of No-Contact rule, it's a method for regaining you composture after a break up of when things don't work your way in a relationship. It's about going full cold turkey with a person or habit and become a better person through it. When I quit smoking a lot of people on Reddit suggested going 20 days clean and it becomes a little easier afterwards.

Back to the point, I'm using this Don't Break the Chain trick to improve my work habit. I've already wasted a lot of time this year and cannot afford to lose more. I've read numerous books on productivity and bettering my work habits and often find myself circling back to my toxic habits. But I'll not deny how much books have helped me. The transition was slow but it seems to be working. Even though I don't wake up every day a 5 am but I do wake up around 5 am and follow the simple 20-20-20 method mentioned in 5 am Club.
I also practice Deep Work. Any time I sit down to work I make sure I don't get up before at least 3 hours. This has led me to work even 5-6 hours from time to time.

My current Don't Break the Chain rules include work at least 3 hours on the game and write a post (be it whatever) every day.

Things seem to be going upward for now and every time I mark down a tick in my calendar I free myself from any worry for the day.

It's all about creating this small accomplishment that goes a long way I guess.

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