Eff's Labyrinth Progress Update

Quite a while ago I mentioned about a monologue based game I was working on. Now things got complicated and I kind of overestimated my capabilities. Previously I wanted to make a game that would carry cut scenes with actual videography and vlogs made by me to give an impression of FMV game. That was actually a long shot and to do it all by myself seemed pretty impossible and time-consuming. I managed to waste a lot of time writing script and scenes which I never put to action. Now that I've realised it's better to make many small games than one big game I started working on various projects. Now I've circled back to the same idea but actually made a lot of progress. The map is designed and I'm filling up details in the game.

Now I cannot really share anything that will compromise the whole objective of the game. I'm talking about the level design. I'll take screenshot and post as soon as they are worth showing.
The idea behind the game is to escape the labyrinth. For now, I'm going to call it Eff's Labyrinth unless I come up with a better name.
The main catch in the game would be the narrator with language support unlike you've ever seen. The player will be able to change the narration language anytime they want. There will be three languages. I'm thinking, Hindi, English and Japanese.

There will be minor puzzle games that can unlock doors and get you hints and keys. There will be clues to the map thrown around the map and various witty development scripts here and there.

The game time I'm hoping could go from 1 hour to 3 depending on how complicated things could get. There will be five levels of which I've already designed the layout.

I have played a lot of games so far and to say there's just one game behind the inspiration for making this would be an understatement. I'm inspired by Stanley's Parable, When Darkness Comes, Netflix's Bandersnatch and many platformer games that once in a while strike a creative block in me.

I'm hoping I'll be able to complete the game by the end of this month and hopefully release it by the end of next. A time of one month I'm sparing for testing, creating game data, press kit and releasing on Steam.
I'm following a fairly tight schedule for a few days already and trying my best to not pivot again.

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