Another month of failure

Not going to less, I was quite stressed for a while there. I haven't done anything worth mentioning in more than the last 30 days. That's absurd. Time just went by and next thing I know is I'm considering a regular job. 
I took on a routine of not breaking the streak and working every day. It worked for a while. I worked for continuos 8 days and things just fell apart the day my streak broke. The reason was my system being blown up by the WAN port. 
So much loss of time but even then within a week and a few days things were back online but I wasn't. I only procrastinated from that point on, going out with friends, movies and games. Oh boy. Am I not the lost kid.

Anyway, my head seems to be getting on track for now. I have laid out another plan for the next few days and months and also decided to prepare for certain exams that can qualify me for a good job but that's still secondary. 

Hopefully this time I'll get things right. 

I've moved on to a different smaller project for now and will continue my main game at a later stage(fingers crossed).

Current road map now includes a small Visual Novel game which I plan to sell on Steam. This has to be done within the next 2 weeks or at least have significant progress in the said time.
The game is supposed to be a dating simulator with a little psychotic touch. Will try to include as many as four characters as possible but since I currently have rights to only three characters I'll begin it with them. 
I'm deeply influenced by Doki Doki Literature Club and missed messages on Steam.
My current major hurdle is the character design and scenes as the characters I have access to are all 3D and making High-Quality 2D graphics out of them would be the better way to proceed rather than make new characters from scratch considering I'm not that good at drawing manga characters. 

I'm also considering hiring some artist for the characters but I'll leave this part for a later stage. 

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