How to use ads.txt file in Blogspot Blog

Google Adsense recently rolled out a new requirement to be met so that your ads are displayed properly. That is to use proper ads.txt file.
If you have logged into your Adsense recently you would've seen the warning of earnings at risk. If you click on "fix now" you'll get to see a page where you can download your ads.txt file.

If you're running a blog or website on private hosting by simply going in the file explorer of your host and upload the file in the root directory.

In the case of Blogger/Blogspot,

  • Log into your Blogger account and select the blog you want to set up ads.txt file for.
  • In the left-hand side menu, you'll find Settings.
  • Go to Search Preferences and under monetization enable Custom ads.txt
  • Open your ads.txt you downloaded from and copy the content from this file.
  • Paste the content the editor you get after enabling custom ads.txt
  • See images below in case of any doubt.

    Settings>Search Preferences>Monetization
    ads.txt in Blogger
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