Guest Post

First of all thank you for showing interest in guest posting on my blog. I understand your content is valuable to you and I'll try my level best to do it justice. At the same time, I believe in being straight forward to my readers. I do NOT recommend using jargons and deliberately stretching an article which could have been ended a century ago.

For this reason, I have a very limited set of rules for Guest Posting which could be ignored if the content is worthy. So feel free to anyway drop your post to me and I'll revert back with any changes I desire.

Just to be clear, make sure your Guest Post full-fill following requirements. This will just improve the chances for your post being accepted.

  • Your blog post is NOT copied from any other source or not submitted elsewhere. In short, the content should be original.
  • No spamming of links. There is no need to link every other sentence in your post to your website or business. Try to keep the number of links in the post to a minimum. 
  • Make sure your content is relevant to my blog. You won't benefit from a lost niche neither will I, you can still submit any content for review and I'll revert back as soon as possible.

Once you've written up your post contact me through the contact form here