[FIXED]Google Chrome all Black after Windows Update

If you're having an issue with your Google Chrome where everything is turned black. The following fix will solve your problem in a matter of seconds.

What does it look like?
I've added a screenshot of what happened to my Google Chrome after the update.

Follow the following steps to fix the problem.
  1. Right click on Chrome shortcut and click properties.
  2. Inside properties, under Compatibility tab choose to Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows Vista. Any variant would do. If one doesn't work try other.

    and your Google Chrome should be up and running but if you'll restart it the problem will persist. To fix it permanently we need to tweak some settings.
  3. With the Chrome running Go to Settings and under Advanced Settings

    Disable 'User hardware acceleration when available'

Relaunch Chrome and it should be working fine now.
This post was updated from Google Chrome, so I know it works. ;)

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