30 November, 2016

Make free anonymous phone calls from Internet

When you make a call over the Internet it is called Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP call.
It is fairly cheap compared to the regular operators we use for phone calls. Although it cannot be considered reliable. But then again you can even make anonymous phone calls using these services.

EvaPhone and Call2Friends provide these services for a limited time for free that too everyday.

Link: https://ievaphone.com/

Link: https://call2friends.com/

You can even consider buying subscription of these services which is fairly cheap and has no expiration. That is pay per use.Just know that even though these calls are anonymous they are anonymous to some extent only and you identity can be traced through them.

29 November, 2016

How to make Live Voting Video on Facebook

tl;dr : OBS Studio is a computer application which lets you stream whatever you feed it to a live streaming server like Facebook.  We make a voting page and stream that live.

Download link: https://obsproject.com/download

Now you need something to stream. You can use any web page for this but since we are making a Facebook live voting, we will go with this voting polls.
I found this on a Quora answer. Link: https://react.cast.net.au/polls/

1. Create a poll using this and copy the url.

2. Now open your OBS Studio.

There click on the + sign above the Source to see the above tip menu. Select source as BrowserSource to enter the url we copied in previous step.

3. We need to setup live video.
Go to your Facebook page and click on Publishing tools. 

From there create a live video

Upon creation you will get your stream key and url. We need to fill these in the OBS studio's settings.
OBS setting in on the bottom right side of the OBS studio. Click on Stream and enter the respective values. You can also adjust or mess around with your live video's settings here.

4. Click on Start Streaming and your voting should be live in seconds.

Best mobiles under 15,000₹

If you are going for a new mobile now it is really necessary to make sure you get hands on technology that doesn't get older soon. This is why buying an expensive old phone is equivalent to buying a cheap new phone. If your budget is around 15,000 ₹ you can consider these phones as they are new and have a good scope for the coming time.

Moto G Plus, 4th Gen (Black, 32 GB)  Price: ₹14,999

This phone is durable and comes with everything you need and might require in future. Only thing it lacks is the support for NFC. But the rest of the features of this phone makes that negotiable.

Check out full features list on GSM Arena here: Moto G Plus, 4th Gen (Black, 32 GB) Specifications

This is one phone you can buy with eyes closed and expect to perform over time. Plus the trust of Amazon.
Buy it from Amazon here: Moto G Plus, 4th Gen (Black, 32 GB)

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Price: ₹ 11,999

I will this phone as an answer to Moto by Xiaomi.
People don't easily trust the Chinese companies when it comes to technology. But Xiaomi has built up their reputation over the time. This phone is cheaper and features everything as Moto G4 Plus and more. 

Check out full features list on GSM Arena here: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Buy it from Flipkart here: Redmi Note 3

Also mind that the Dark Grey and Silver versions of this phone is coming soon here: Redmi Note 3 Black

3. Mi Max (Gold, 32 GB) Price: ₹ 14,999

This is one elegant phone with a huge screen and every other feature previous phones had.

Full phones specifications are here: Xiaomi Mi Max
Buy it from Flipkart here: Mi Max (Gold, 32 GB)

4. Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Price: ₹13,499

This beauty comes with an overkill RAM of 4 GB which I don't think you would easily be able you consume. But who knows. Android Applications sometimes take up unnecessary space and tends to slow down the phone.

Check out full features list on GSM Arena here: Lenovo K5 Note

Buy it from Flipkart here: Lenovo Vibe K5 Note (Grey, 32 GB)

22 November, 2016

How to reset bios settings when you can't access it

tl;dr: Reinstalling the motherboard battery resets the bios setting to default.

If you were playing around with the bios settings to see what all things you could do. This little feature of your motherboard could be a life savior for you.
Reinstalling the motherboard battery or the button cell which in installed in the motherboard resets the bios settings to default. 

21 November, 2016

How to delete system apps from Android phone

System apps are neccessary apps that keeps the functionality of the phone intact. But in awe of sponsers most of the mobile companies load the phone with many useless apps which no one intends to use and they take up unneccesary space in the phone.
There is a way to delete such apps. But you need to root your android device for that to work.
This app called System app remover (ROOT) does the job really well.

I myself used it to remove the default cyanogen launcher Trebuchet and make Google Now Launcher my default afterwards. 

How to get cash in India after demonetization of old currency

If you are having trouble over coming the day to day needs of cash this post will help you tackle most of these problems. Ever since the discontinuation of the old 500 and 1000 Rs. notes was announced there has been a rush throughout the market. Most of the people or merchants are still accepting the old notes and can be traded easily. But if you are in dire need of the cash and that too had to be new ones try going for ATM hunting.

You can track ATM's status in your location from CMS website.
Link: http://atmfinder.cms.com/atmfinder/ATMStatus.aspx

One way to deal with this problem is to use Paytm. Paytm is now accept at way more stores and shops than you can guess. Just ask for if your merchant is accepting Paytm.

18 November, 2016

How to troubleshoot your PC computer

If you are a computer engineer already and you don't know how to troubleshoot a sick PC, well it's a shame(don't mid this, read further). If not, well ladies and gents, today I will be giving you some life-easing tips to trouble shoot your sick PC, even laptop in some cases. This post will give you an idea of how a computer works and let you figure out what is wrong with your PC and how you can fix it or get it fixed.

I'm myself a computer science engineer. To be honest they don't teach any of such things in schools and colleges. It's a shame on the system.

Let's cut the crap and move to the core part.

A computer or PC abbreviated from Personal Computer consists of a mother board, CPU, RAM, Hard disk and input output units.
Depending on the complexity of the system you can have a GPU(graphics card), more RAM, other cards such as Ethernet, WiFi etc. We are going to consider a basic PC with a graphics card because they are quite common these days.

Let's begin with turning on the system.
Case 1: PC won't start.
Possible causes: 
1. SMPS or PSU not working. It's a box in your system from which all kinds of wires are coming out.
2. Loose connection between the SMPS and motherboard.
3. Processor assembly isn't proper.
1. If you have a faulty SMPS or PSU, get it replaced or repaired. We are computer engineer not electrician.
2. Check the connections. duh...
3. Remove the CPU fan and carefully remove the CPU. 
Check if the processor pins are alright(not burnt). Clean up the white substance on the processor and CPU fan. It's called Thermal Paste or Heat-sink Paste. You can get it from any computer repair shop for half a dollar or less. Place the paste and reinstall the CPU and CPU fan.

Case 2: PC starts but shuts immediately or after sometime.
Possible causes: 1. CPU assembly improper.
1. Simply re-assemble the CPU. Follow these steps
Remove the CPU fan and carefully remove the CPU. 
Check if the processor pins are alright(not burnt). Clean up the white substance on the processor and CPU fan. It's called Thermal Paste or Heat-sink Paste. You can get it from any computer repair shop for half a dollar or less. Place the paste and reinstall the CPU and CPU fan.

Explanation: The CPU is the core of the PC and it really gets hot. I mean really hot and really fast. Faster than the mood swings of your girlfriend. So it needs a proper heat reduction or whatever you will call it. CPU fan does that job for us.

Case 3: PC won't start and making stupid beeps.
Possible causes: These stupid beeps are the message for you from the God. In case of ASUS mothernoards they have mentioned the beep codes meaning here: https://www.asus.com/support/faq/1029959
In case you are using a different mother board you have to Google that out yourself and fix it accordingly.
Solution: What do you think I am? A wizard?

13 November, 2016

How to add custom domain for Blogspot

If you are having trouble trying to setup your custom domain with your blogspot blog, you have come to the right place.

If you haven't noticed this blog runs on Blogspot as well. I had so much trouble trying to setup my custom domain myself.

The guide given by Google itself here
Link: https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/1233387?visit_id=1-636146283785501872-108692412&p=customdomain&hl=en&rd=2

is good enough but is really confusing. Reason being lack of guiding images.
But fear not I am here to solve this problem for you.

If you are not in mood of learning something new today and are in hurry to just setup your domain skip the information part and follow the images to setup your domain.

Do you know how does a website work? How does it shows the content as it shows?

Here's a short version.
We take a name, a domain name and point it to a place in some server.

It is same as opening any file location in you computer. Only difference is we use a domain name instead of a proper ip of the system being accessed.

When it come to Blogspot, there are way too many blogs pointing to the same servers. Now Blogspot needs a way to filter out how these blogs point to the right files.

For this reason Blogspot uses CNAME attribute of a domain.

First of all you Domain has to point to the Google's (Blogspot's) servers. This uses A attribute of your domain name.

So all in all you need the following 4 things to setup your custom domain with Blogspot:

1. Blogspot Blog(duh...)
2. Custom Domain (A susbdomain or a domain registered at name.com, godaddy.com, bigrock.in etc)
3. Blogspot's Servers' address' which are as follows:

4. CNAME name values where your domain will point to. Which you will find when you submit your custom domain name in the setting in Blogspot. As shown in the picture below.

Now let's make this work. Step by step.

1. Go to your domain registrar(name.com, godaddy.com, namecheap.com or anything).

2. Go to you domain setting and setup you nameservers to default. (this is really necessary for the CNAME and A records to work.) If you are still confused, just do it and ask your questions later.

3. Go to manage DNS or DNS settings. (If you can't find it ask your domain registrar support to help you find it.)

4. In Manage DNS or DNS setting you will find A-records, AAAA records, CNAME etc. Our business is with A-records and CNAME only.

5. Fill up the A-records and CNAME records as shown in image below:

That is all. Your Domain should be up running the blogspot blog. If not, have some patience this could take upto an hour sometimes even days.

12 November, 2016

How to delete images from your Facebook page?

Notice that there is no 'delete' button
So you can't delete any of the image you uploaded to Facebook? Because you can't find the delete button. Right?

Here's the quick fix for this problem. Meanwhile I'm pretty sure people at facebook are working at some solution.

The solution is to use the mobile website of facebook. Please note that I did not say mobile app!
You have to use the Facebook's Mobile SITE.
Link: m.facebook.com

Once you open this url, go to your page, open the image you want to delete and click on more options as shown in the image below.

And click on edit image. You will see the delete button afterwards.

Let me know your thought.

How to play 1080p videos on low-end system

If you are having trouble playing the full hd videos this might help you up. I have an atom processor tablet with 2 gb of ram and was able to run the full hd videos without any lag or loss of frames.

Assuming you havent tried anything new you have already tried running your videos on VLC player.

Try Media Player Classic with ffdshow codecs. This significantly improves the playback of full hd videos.

Link: https://mpc-hc.org/downloads/

If the default media player classic isn't the answer for you try klite codec pack.

Link: https://www.codecguide.com/download_kl.htm