30 November, 2018

Where to find all your YouTube Comments

It's in the History section of YouTube.

First off, open your History on YouTube. Then on your right, you'll see different options that can be checked. 

Check Comments and you'll get to see all your YouTube comments you've ever made.

Yea I said some awkward things 8 years ago.

29 November, 2018

Niche based mistakes new Bloggers do in SEO

When it comes to writing blogs, Search Engine Optimisation is something not everyone focuses on. Many times we would come across blogs that have good content yet don't rank well in searches.

The reason behind is simple, Search Engines crawlers don't think your content is good enough to be ranked higher. So how does that work?

In order to rank well in the searches, you need to make quality content and focus on your niche. It is never a good idea to spread your hands in all directions. Doing so in blogging and writing content on anything you find can backlash as well.

You see, if someone visits your website for a particular search term and some other person searches for something remotely related to that particular search, they tend to believe your blog might be rich in that particular type of content.
In simple words, you would not expect a Video Editing related blog to host content on Astrophysics, would you? So if someday a the Video Editing blog decides to write on astrophysics just because they like it. Does not mean it's would be ranked better on searches because the search engine knows that their blog doesn't contain a significant amount of quality and quantity of astrophysics related content.
Doing so this also reduces the authority of your blog because this reduces your search ranking.

26 November, 2018

Listen and download YouTube playlist using YMUSIC Android App

Ever felt a need to have all the music you listen to on YouTube downloaded to your device?

YMusic is the one stop solution to all your music need. 

Once installed, log in with your Google account. Once logged in you'll be able to see all your saved YouTube playlist. 
Click the options button on the side of a playlist and Sync offline. 
Now it'll always be played from the device itself. Perfect.

Not only that it also has some option for Shazam which I'm unable to test since I don't use Shazam at all.

Though it might not be acceptable to Google it does what it says. You'll have to install it through the apk you can download from any of the sites below.


How to change Game Name in YouTube Live Stream

If you're streaming a certain game and decide to play a different game mid-stream you might want to change the name of game you're streaming in YouTube description. But where's the option?

Well, it's fairly simple yet utterly stupid of YouTube not give the option where it should be.

The option is actually in the Dashboard and not present in the video manager where it should(also) be.

Now in order to change the game name in your stream head to YouTube Dashboard by clicking other features > More.

Or you can also click this link.  https://www.youtube.com/dashboard?ar=1&o=U

Now click on LIVE STREAMING in the left menu and you should be able to edit the game you're streaming.

24 November, 2018

How to view Instagram in phone or tablet mode on PC

When uploading pictures to Instagram, oftentimes you might come across a need to check how the picture might look on a certain device or certain resolution.

If you're using Google Chrome it is a fairly simple task.

  • Open Instagram.com
  • Click F12 key on your keyboard for developer options. 
  • Then click Ctrl + Shit + M
  • This will switch between responsive mode and fixed resolution mode and you can set which device resolution you'd like to see Instagram in. 

22 November, 2018

How to take High Quality Screenshot from Amazon Fire TV Stick

In order to take screenshots of your Amazon FireTV or FireTV 4k you need ADBLink to be installed on your computer and linked to FireTV.

The following step by step process will help you take screenshots off your FireTV.

  • First, download and install AdbLink on your computer from Jocala.com
  • Next, you need to connect to your FireTV stick from abdlink. For this, make sure your FireTV stick and computer are running on the same network. 
  • Open adblink and click on New button as shown in the picture. 
  • In the window that appears next enter the description to identify your FireTV stick and ip address of the FireTV device. You can get the ip from Settings > My Fire TV > About > Network. 
  • Now either note or modify the Pull Folder location. This is where the screenshots are going to appear.
  • Save the information and select your device from the drop and click connect. 
  • Once connected click on screencap you'll get an alert when and where the screenshot is saved. 

19 November, 2018

How to change Windows 10 clock to 24 Hours format

Just follow 5 step process to switch your clock style in Windows 10 to Hour Format or HH:MM format.
  • Open Control Panel. By pressing the Windows button or Start button and typing "control panel".
  • Click on "Change date, time or Number formats" under "Clock and Region". 
  • In the new windows that open up, set Shot time to HH: mm.