Remove all Liked Videos on YouTube

Do you find a need to remove all the video you've ever liked?
 Well, you can do it but let me first be clear here that there is no coming back.
Once you remove all the videos from your Liked Playlist or whatever you call it, it's gone. 

Now if that is clear to you, you may proceed to login to your YouTube account and click on Liked Videos link to the left of your screen.

Step 1. Then click on the Edit button to edit your Liked videos playlist.

From here on you can either manually remove any video from this playlist.
Or if you want to just remove all of these videos follow the following steps.

Step 2. Press F12 on your keyboard and go to the console tab.
Step 3. Copy and paste the following block of code in the console.

var items = $('body').getElementsByClassName("pl-video-edit-remove-liked-video");
for(var i = 0; i < items.length; i++){

Hit enter and the page will refresh. Now if you'll check your liked videos playlist it will be empty.

Again, this is a no rollback action, please proceed with caution and keep in mind once the playlist is empty there is no way to bring back the liked list other than manually liking every video you ever liked before.

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