How to make a Facebook Page and make it popular

If you run a business or a website Facebook is the best possible medium to sxpose it to the right audience. In order to do that you can either adviertise your website or use a page for its promotion.
Anyways you will need a Facebook page.

Following this little guide you will be able to create a Facebook page and make it popular to reach the right audience.

I'm pretty sure you know how to make a Facebook page because it is not that difficult. You can skip this part if you already have a Facebook page.

Step 1: To make a Facebook page go to Create Page.

There are lots of categories as for what you page is about. Take a little time to perfectly categorize your page but even if you set it up in the wrong category it does not matter since the guys at Facebook update your category upon review.

Step.2:Follow page tips to settle everything else related to your page.

Step. 3: Once your page is active it's time for some quality content.
Write some posts, upload some photos share others content. Make atleast 10-15 posts in a span of 3 days whether or not you have an audience. This is so that you have a content which you could put on promotion.

Step. 4: Getting the audience.
The legal hack to do is to use Facebook Ads.
You can check out my previous post on this matter here.


The not-so-legitimate way of getting the audience is to use third party advertisements or like-generation applications. These are not illegitimate actually just not as effective in some matters as you would expect.
Why and how?
There are sites like,, and many more. Please be ware that some of such sites could be carrying harmful applications or files so at all times avoid download or installing something from them.
Use these sites, setup a page audience, then your ads will do double the benefits.

At last, it all comes down to content. What ever your business is, when you are running something on the Internet it requires content and quality. Once you stop updating your sites or pages you will always see a significant drop in your popularity.

Happy blogging!
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