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How to make a Video Game for beginners

If you are interested in making video games and have no idea as for where to start from, keep reading. By the end of this article you will have a round view of how a certain game is made and or how you can begin making games on your own. This article is a part of my personal performance report since I am also in the learning phase of game development. I did my research on various methods of game development, made a few small demo games which were pretty lame and now I am moving forward to develop better games.  Let's discuss some prerequisites for game development.  1. Computer. 2. Game development Software and the Internet of course. 3. Idea for a game (pretty useless for now). 4. Ability to handle creativity drought and a reason to move forward. 5. Something to eat. Let's cover every thing point by point. 1. Computer.  This is really necessary and reason is pretty obvious. Now the power of the computer will greatly affect what you can do. But since we are

Free Blogspot Template CODA Basic 2.0 Final and Stable Version

This shall be the last version of the CODA Basic Theme since I can't find any bugs or place for improvement(for now). Although of course if I find one I will update the theme. Theme screen shots are below. Download link: If you are looking for previous versions or instructions for the template go to Change log: Removed header navbar background.