Generate Passive Income Ideas

This is meant for anyone who is looking forward to setup an online business and or make money online. You might be surprised by how long the little efforts can go when working online.
But then again nothing in this world is free neither is making money. I will be sharing ways to popularize your Internet presence and some side sources which you can use to generate some passive income.

Let's get to the point directly.

First and most popular way any body should go for is going with a blog. Even if you think you don't need a blog or don't have the interest in running one, you should make one. Why? The answer is simple, your blog is permanent. Whether it makes sense or not if it gets some audience it will generate some income. Also a blog precisely a personal blog a best way of tracking your progress. Consider it like a public journal and self evaluation log.
Now you go set up a free blog either on Blogspot and if you really want to get into blogging register a domain. If you are inexperienced with how the blogs and websites work I suggest sticking with the free blogging services like Blogspot, WordPress. Having a self hosted website has its own perks though.

Doing Fiverr jobs.
This is quite popular and why not. It's totally worth it. Just explore Fiverr and you might come up with something that suits your talent.
Apart from Fiverr you can also target and sign up in Web master forums like Digital Point. You will get to learn a lot that way.

Designing T-shirts, Decals and similar stuffs.

Services like RedBubble and PosterGully pay you with every sale you make. If you are worried that you cannot design something original or good, just drop it out of your head and start copying designs. You see everything in designs is either or copy or is inspired by something somewhere. So it is perfectly okay to copy designs. Just make sure its not too obvious violation of copy rights.

Setting up a store on Amazon, Flipkart and similar services.
This is one method you should opt if you have and can make an initial investment. To be honest it is not as easy as it sound here. You don't just invest money and start getting returns. You need do a thoruogh research before that. How? you may ask.
Let me summarize what I have read over on different sites.
Study the market first which is the shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart. There you can filter out the popular content.
Now do a research on whole sale market. Which is AliExpress and Alibaba website.
Compare selling price of the products and buying price and you can come up with a list of products that can generate substantial profit margin.
That's it. Start your store and wait. I recommend googling such tactics of selling products online.
Not only this, once you setup a store you can target audience using Instagram and Facebook as well.
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