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Java Programming Basics to Brilliance Part 3

This post is a progression to previous post Java Programming Basics to Brilliance Part 2 . Before we make things complicated lets first get to know what is an array and how we can use it. Quoting from Google, array əˈreɪ/ noun 1 . an impressive display or range of a particular type of thing. "there is a vast array of literature on the topic" verb 1 . display or arrange (things) in a particular way. In Java, an array is an object which holds a specified number of similar number, strings or objects. This depends on the type of array you are making. The size of an array is set when it is initialized. For e.g.  int listOfNumbers[] = {1,2,3,12,2}; This is one way of making an array with values in it. Now recall how everything in Java is nothing but an object. Considering that you can also make a blank array as follows: String my