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CODA Blogger template

I have decided to make some changes to this blog and the pages that run around here. For that reason, I'm moving the content of the Theme Download Page to a blog post. I have made significant changes to the CODA theme which are not yet reflected in the version available for download below. I'll soon make it available. Not too soon though. Until then feel free use, modify or distribute the blogger template below. Follow the instructions for easy usage,  click here .  CODA Basic 2.1  is free to use the Blogger template. You are free to remove the footer link as well. Will be considered a generosity if you let the footer link remain. Download Change Log: -Added Footer. -Font changes. - Removed header navbar background. - Added Background Color. - Added Card style for posts. - Sidebar restructured. - Non-floating top navigation bar. Previous Versions: CODA Basic 2.1                               Download CODA Basic 2.0