How to make an Auto Blog using WordPress

If you are using WordPress chances are you are already aware of its power. One such power of the WordPress is to auto-mate things up. It's actually not WordPress but one of it's plugin.
WPeMatico let's you grab any RSS feed and post it as a separate post in your WordPress blog.

Here's the step by step instruction to setup your automated WordPress blog. Please note that WPeMatico is really powerful plugin and not every site appreciates their content being copied. So leave necessary credits to the owners of the content you tend to post on your Blog.

Step. 1: Upload WPeMatico Plugin in WordPress and activate it.

Step. 2: Find the feed url. Go to any site you want the content from and open there feed url. 
For example:
Some times the feed url could be different like or

Step. 3: Once you confirm the feed url add new campaign.

Step. 4: Add the feed url.

and activate cron and set any schedule.

Step. 4: Run you campaign once to ensure everything is working fine.

Your auto blog is up and running.
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