How to Convert Unreal Engine 5.1 Blueprint Project to C++ Project

To begin, open your project in the Unreal Engine 5 or a newer version of the editor. 

Next, access the New C++ Class Dialog by selecting Tools and then New C++ Class

From there, create a new "None" class and press "Create Class." 

You might receive a warning message regarding the game module compilation, but you can disregard it and choose "No." 

After closing any pop-ups, warnings, or success notifications, exit the Editor. 

Proceed to your project's folder, right-click on the .uproject file, and select "Generate Visual Studio project files." 

Double-click your project's .sln file to open it in Visual Studio. 

In Visual Studio's Solution Explorer, find and choose your project. 

Select "Development Editor" in the build configuration drop-down menu. 

Right-click on your project and select "Build" to compile it without any errors. 

Afterward, set the build configuration drop-down menu to "Development" and right-click on your project to select "Build" again. This build may take several minutes, but once it is complete, your project should be compiled without errors.

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  • Derrick Gennrich
    Derrick Gennrich 17 July 2023 at 21:14

    I followed these steps and now I can't open my project in Unreal 5. I have 69 errors with Bulkdata.h and it won't compile now. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    • Abhay Singh
      Abhay Singh 11 September 2023 at 16:07

      It might be because of Live Coding. If you're still having the issue, please try turning Live Coding off and see if that makes any difference.

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