Unconventional Traffic Generation Hacks nobody shares

Oh you have heard of them I'm pretty sure, you just are not sure whether they are good for you or not.
I am talking about the unholy ways of generating traffic to your blog or website. By unholy I am referring to the means that most of the top blogs or websites use and would still deny that they would do anything such cheap. Of course is doesn't matter once you have made up a position, then you can gladly give up such practices. But everybody has to start from somewhere, and whether or not they admit, all of the blogs and websites have once in their life time would have done these practices to improve traffic to their site.

Let's hit the points directly and stop all these side talks.

1. Ads.
Simply, ads. Yea you would say I don't have a big budget to afford fancy ad networks. I never said you need a budget. All you need is an advertisers account. Now I am not here to share direct links to anything, you have the Internet and you can pretty much search for anything.
But I will tell you something that will help you refine your research. Ad networks like Adsense and Bing provide signup rewards which you can use to boost your website's web presence.
Just make sure you do use all your credits on time as they tend deplete over a given time.

Also, you can find coupon codes for credits on Web master forums like Digital Point and Wjunction. Not many sellers now a days but you've got to keep an eye for one.

This is pretty obvious. If somebody from other website leaves a comment on my blog I would be really interested in who that guy is. It's not just me, it happens with everyone. Unless if you are getting way more comments to keep a track of.
This is even considered not-healthy for a blog since leaving a comment on a toxic site would degrade your site's value. But wait you are not going to comment on any porn blog are you? That's it. Not all blogs out there are toxic. Some might be, but it's highly unlikely to come across one.

3. Link Building.
They say, that Page Rank is dead. But hey then there is another thing called Moz Rank. Which is somewhat similar. You know there will always be something like this in the play. It does not matter. If you still come across an opportunity to get link backs to your site, do exploit it. It is only considered bad when the link coming from again are "toxic" sites. But then again it's highly unlikely to run into a toxic site.

4. Updating Blog.
You must have heard some thing like "Keep your blog updated with 'quality content'."
I'm going to change this line a little bit

"Keep your blog updating".

You know when you stick to writing only quality content for your blog you are very likely to get a writer's block from time to time. And you know what is worse that writing rubbish? Not writing anything. My advice here is that you should always keep your blog updated to anythign that comes to your head. You need not worry about the quality of the post you write not about whether the niche is according to your blog. If you keep your blog updated whether or not certain post is worthy it might generate some traffic. And who knows what becomes viral.

5. Facebook.
This is one habit I don't have and I don't plan to use it in near future. You can say I'm saving it for someday in near future. But this works for now and I have tested it.
Have you ever seen fake Facebook profiles? Have you seen ridiculous spam comments? You must have seen unnecessary ads as well.

That's it. If you through a dollar in Facebook ads, you are likely to get half of its value's benefit.
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