How to improve your Adsense earnings

If you are new to blogging and still struggling to improve traffic on your blog, this post is NOT meant for you. I strongly recommend not looking into articles for improving your Adsense earning before write. Always remember when it comes to blogging there is no short cut way through it unless of course if you spend hundreds of dollars in promotion.

Anyways moving forwards these are some tips methods to improve your Adsense earning if you have an established blog with a fine traffic.

1. Writing post on high CPC keywords.

This is basic and self understanding. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. Think of it like if you are going to get about 4-5 ad click every day the generated revenue is directly proportional to CPC.
You can monitor high CPC keywords using Google Adwords.
Apart from that you can simply just write on what you are good at and expect to make it through.

2. Experimenting with ad units.

If you have been looking through the topic of increasing you Adsense revenue I'm pretty sure you have already wasted a lot of time playing around with the ad units in your website/blog.
Anyways, it pure waste of time. Just remember that the Basic is the Best. Keep your site simple. Take note of how I have placed ads on my site. In fact take note of how any other popular blog have placed ads on their site, it's always the same. One ad below the title, one ad in the sidebar and one ad in between the content(this is what I don't have though).
Don't waste much of your time in deciding what's the best placement for your ads or what is the best theme for your blog. You can also use my free Blogspot theme just in case. It's Adsense ready so you just have to replace my codes with yours.

3. Your site speed.

If your site is slow at loading, just don't expect the ads to run the way they should. That would directly hit your earnings.
Just make sure you don't run either too many scripts, ads or pop ups to make sure your site speed is fine.

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