[FIXED] Inventory glitch or the Black hole Bag in PUBG Mobile

If you're unable to reload or your inventory a.k.a. your bag is always empty, everything you pick just goes into some unknown void and you're just clueless as to why bad things always happen to good people. Just relax because it is not a major issue and can be resolved easily.

Like really easy.
In short, just Restart your device.
That's it, man.
Just restart your device.

And for people who want to dig a little deeper.
This is probably not a big deal for the developers working on PUBG and I guess they can fix it in no time once and for all.
It probably happens because of some data that were stored previously either from the game you left in between or you got disconnected from and are causing some conflict with the new data from the current game. So even if you uninstall the game and reinstall it won't fix because some of the temporary data remain in the phone which the application expected to be flushed when the device will be restarted.

So the only option to fix it for your current game is to just Restart the phone.

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