Removing adware from Chrome


and so on.
If your Google search results are filled with useless thumbnails and links are redirected through your Google Chrome is infected with a malicious javascript which probably came attached with one of the Chrome Extension.
  Problem: Google Search results have thumbnails in front of them and links are redirected 
through or In some case, you are redirected to an entirely different page. Google search results are modified with affiliate links.

Solution: Remove any/all Chrome extensions that help with downloads.
Example: Downloader for Instagram, Video Downloader, Free Download Manager.

There are very detailed insights on being malware or not here. Needless to say, there's indeed some undesired behaviour.

The script is designed very well to ensure a Chrome user cannot always pinpoint it out.
If you open developers inspector in Google Search results infiltrated with links, the script hides all parts related to 
Moreover, if you just modified any of your extensions  will remain disabled for certain time. 

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