How to abuse DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2020

For the people looking for a way to abuse in Battle Pass 2022:

Throwback to my post back in 2018

But this time things have changed immensely. Contrary to previous year's Battle Pass this year the grinding process is next to useless. 
In previous Battle Pass's you could recycle your immortals for Battle Points/Level which has been completely removed and replaced with the absurd Valve inc. R.N.G. Powered Side Shop where you play a DOTA AutoChess/Underlord kind of game with the characters you roll and sell them for a value which could be used for another chance based Treasure, Bundle, Gauntlet Ticket, Arcana and courier/announcers.

Also, as good as the Battle Pass this year is, there's no way to get anything over the immortals without paying up. At the same time, you get way better items compared to previous Battle Pass if you're paying about 200-220$ with some grinding. 

Anyway, having bought the Battle Pass you have contributed the prize pool so congratulate yourself for supporting this game and let's get down to our grinding business.

This year by Battle Pass abuse you can only gain side shop coins and some bounties which is still better than having no ability to grind over anything.

How to abuse?
  1. Make an Abuse lobby.
  2. Share the lobby in the public chat channels. You can find Battlepass abuse channels in user-made channels.
  3. Once you have all the players you need a co-leader. One will lead the Radiant team and the other one will lead the Dire team. Leaders are the point of contact for the team and need to add each other as a friend. Since you're going to be one of the leaders, you need to decide a leader from the player in the lobby. 
  4. Now you do a balanced shuffling of players until you're in an opposite team of the other leader.
  5. Now the leaders form the party by inviting players in their respective teams.
  6. Once the party is ready, both leaders are supposed to change matchmaking settings to something that is rare. For example: if you're from Asia, you can search for a match in South Africa with the language set as Korean and you know for sure there are not much people there searching for a match with the language set as Korean. Time also plays a crucial role in settings. For example, if it is an unearthly hour in some region you can assume not many people would be playing DOTA 2 there.
    Example of settings:
    Language: Korean
    Region: South Africa
  7. Now both the leaders start finding a match at the same time and repeat.
    Sometimes you could miss a match and alter settings to what you think could be better.
Some unsaid rules for abusing,
  1. You don't leave a match after winning your turn if it was first.
  2. Radiant first, always.
  3. If someone violates rule one block the person so you either can identify them in future.
This abuse tactic can also be used to increase MMR, improve behaviour score or remove Low Priority penalty. But that clearly is unjust and you're likely to get a 6-month ban if you do so.

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