23 March, 2017

How to make a Responsive Blog Theme

With the increasing number of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, netbooks it is necessary to have Responsive Design for your Blog if you don't want your visitor zooming in and zooming out of the webpages to read.
A Responsive Design results in a Webpage or Website which is easier to navigate through and easy to read.

Why Responsive Design?

Consider a webpage made for viewing on computer. It uses a Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) for defining its design. When we open same web page on Mobile or tablet, it will still use the same CSS. But since the screen size is significantly small it will give an unpleasant experience to the viewer. 
To tackle this situation we follow the Responsive Design approach.

How does Responsive Design work?
It uses the CSS property called @media which lets you check the screen resolution(screen width) of the viewer.
By checking the resolution of the viewer it will be apparent whether the viewer is using a computer system or a mobile phone and there we will make it so that the CSS property accessed are dependent on the resolution of the viewer.

@media all and (min-width: 1020px){
width: 1020px;
margin: auto;
width: 70%;
float: left;
float: left;
}/* media all and (min-width: 800px) and (max-width: 1020px) */

@media all and (min-width: 800px) and (max-width: 1020px){
width: 800px;
margin: auto;
width: 70%;
float: left;
float: left;
}/* media all and (min-width: 800px) and (max-width: 1020px) */

@media all and (min-width: 100px) and (max-width: 640px){
width: 100%;
margin: auto;
width: 100%;
float: left;
float: left;
}/* media all and (min-width: 100px) and (max-width: 640px) */

This covers 3 types of views which are ones with width 100 to 640px which will cover almost all phones and some tablets, and others are ones with 800px to 1020px wide display and 1020px and beyond.

How to take screenshot on Windows

When working in a team often times we come across the situation where we need to share what is on our screen. A screenshot is a still picture of what is on your screen. 
Following are different ways you can take screenshot on Windows.

1. Print Screen and Ctrl + V
This method works irrespective of the Windows version you are on. So if you are on Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Vista this is the best possible and easiest way to take screenshot.

> Press PrtScn.
> Open Microsoft Paint or any other image editor.
> Press
Ctrl + V which stands for paste.

2. Screen Shot softwares.

Screen shot softwares have run out of business over the time there but still there are many out there. Most of them carry too much ads to be trusted. Fortunately some of them are really simple and easy to use.
One such screenshot software is LightShot.

Apart from this there is a tool that comes bundled in Windows now called Snipping Tool

It is simple and very much like LightShot only problem is that there is no way to set a shortcut key for taking screenshot. Which is why it is not as handy as LightShot.

3. Chrome Extensions like Imgur

This isn't all that necessary if you are using LightShot already and it is just limited to taking screenshot of the Chrome Window only. Only good thing about this extension is that it lets you capture whole page as an image, which is nice.

Apparently LightShot is best possible way for taking screenshot on Windows. The installer package is nice and the software is clean. There are no ads in the program although the site where the images are uploaded carry ads but that's still acceptable. Beware of the software that carry useless ads in the installer package and can ruin your computer and browser with ads and ads everywhere.

22 March, 2017

Free Blogging Platforms and choosing the right one for you

First of the the term "free" can be slightly deceiving since it can also cover "selectively free" parts. But let's keep it simple, we are here to look into "Free Blogging Platforms" and that's it. We don't want to pay anything under behind or anywhere else. Completely FREE!

I am going to cover free blogging services and free hosting services in case you want a certain different site. Then again this list will only include the free ones.

1. Blogspot.
Hands down. I believe this is the best free blogging platform available to anyone and everyone.
Owned by Alphabet formerly Google, they're the same right. Anyways, Blogger is a free blogging platform which gives you unlimited storage and unlimited visitors for your site. You don't have to worry about anything like whether you have enough bandwidth, what if I start getting alot of visitors? There is absolutely nothing to be worried about when using Blogspot as long as you follow their guidelines which are pretty straightforward and easy to understand.
Now you can use Blogspot to make a family safe blog or not-so-family safe blog a.k.a Adult Blogs.
But I would recommend skipping Blogger if you have an Adult website in mind.
Sign up for Blogspot here.
You can also setup custom domain like I have done from here.

2. WordPress.com
It's WordPress.com and you have probably heard of it. WordPress now runs 27% of the website as stated by them which is quite apparent.
Everything with WordPress.com is fine there is alot to customize compared to Blogspot. Only problem which might arise in future for anyone opting WordPress is the storage allowed for the Free account. Now I'm not saying it's not worthy. In fact if you end up covering the 3 GB free space given by WordPress your site must be going somewhere. So at that point you can switch to paid accounts.
You can check all the pricing and comparison here,

3. Tumblr
Tumblr is like another form of WordPress.com. It's slightly easy to use and that's because there is not much to customize comparatively. Only flaw with the tumblr is that they run their ads on your blog, which makes it "free!".
Beside all that you can easily gain popularity through tumblr since there are a lot people out there visiting each other's tumblr blog. I personally don't like tumblr because it gives a feeling of just another social network.
Sign up for tumbr here.

4. Wix.com
Wix has been around for many years now. But it's just like a simplified version of WordPress.com. Plus their free accounts does not give much either. You can check their free and paid comparison here. They even run their ads on your blog and just 1 GB of bandwidth which you will run out with just 100-200 visitors.

5. 000webhost.com
I'm a big fan of this service. Although the features they provide for free account aren't much, but they are actually giving free web hosting no strings attached. You can disable their ad. They have website builder for WordPress. What else do you need?
Sign up for 000webhost account here.
In case you are not sure how to begin with, you can follow my small article on 000webhost here.

Now apart from this, there are services like Ghostsquarespace which aren't really free. And services like postach.iomediumsvbtlelivejournal are either too simple or too much like another social network disguised as "Blogging Platform".
The meaning of the term Blogging has drifted from what it formerly meant. Blogging is not Social Networking. Blogging is about delivering original content and sharing your own perspectve.

19 March, 2017

How to easily improve your Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a directory of websites which also ranks the sites on the basis of their traffic and popularity. Alexa has numerous tools that can help you in researching content and what can result in better performance of your blog or website. This makes Alexa really popular and a reliable source for accounting a website's performance.
I will be sharing some of the methods you can use to boost your Alexa ranking for time being. Also please understand that if you do boost your site this way it is bound to drop again in future when you discontinue your efforts in boosting your Alexa rank.
Let's head straight into the practical.
How does Alexa ranking work?
For Alexa to rank the website they track the usage of their subscriber or users with the help of Alexa Toolbar. If you don't have one I recommend installing it right away. Doing this will help Alexa grab statistics for your site since you will be visiting your website the most.
Given the above statement it is clear that Alexa ranking thoroughly depends on the number of visitors as well. So our struggle can be decimated here by simply generating traffic to our website. How? The two ways are to either write genuine content and expect visitors through searches or you can follow the non conventional traffic generation hacks here.

If you are looking for a way to increase your Alexa ranking overnight, you can use services like traffic ape, 10hits etc. They are sure to increase the not-so-genuine traffic on your site which will still improve your Alexa ranking.

18 March, 2017

How to start your own E-commerce Website [Simplified]

If you are into business, this is where you start from. An e-commerce website. By the end of this post you would have learned how you can create an online portal with little to no money i.e. for almost free or actually free where you can sell goods and items of your choice.
You can use this example for setting a a site selling physical products like t-shirts, grocery items, food products, services, and everything else.

Things you will need.

- A domain. (you can register one at name.com, godaddy.com etc)
- Hosting (you can get free hosting for the time being from 000webhost)
- Product to sell (assuming we have got plain t-shirt and a t-shirt printer)
- Payment Gateway.
- Courier delivery service.

For starters lets over look the part of taxation and getting tin number for you shop and you can escape the excise police on the grounds that your site is fairly new and have little to no income. But just in case I do NOT promote fooling around with taxes and fraud of any kind.

Now the part of creating your first online e-commerce site.

Step 1: Install WordPress. Click here if you are using 000webhost.

Step.2: Once installed,you need WooCommerce Plugin. Install and activate. Detailed description of the WooCommerce plugin can be found on the plugin page here.

Step. 3: Get a decent WooCommerce theme to start with. I recommend going with StoreFront and besides that you can always find catchy themes at themeforest.

Step. 4: Now most of our part is done and you can enlist product using WooCommerce. What we need now is a a way to get the payment from the customers. For this we get a payment gateway.
For a payment gateway you can use PayUMoney, they charge a nominal fee with all transactions. Or you can go with Paypal merchant services which makes things fairly easy to execute.

Step. 5: Get in contact with a courier delivery service to start delivering your product.

09 March, 2017

Roblox for Xbox One

Apparently this is one of the Best free game you can find for Xbox One. I happen to have wasted 6 over hours today playing games on Xbox One and went on to play Roblox Speed Run for like 2 hours.

I also live streamed on Twitch for sometime and then on YouTube, needless to say I had little to no viewers.

Now what is Roblox?
Roblox is very much like Minecraft in game play and graphics style. It was launched way back in 2006 (yea I never heard of it) and now it is available on iOS, Android, Xbox One and Windows.
Roblox features game mods made by users and as their site claims it has over 15 million games created by users. It's best meant for kids and there are many addicting games like Speed Run which gets frustrating as you progress rather say when you don't progress.

 Roblox is Free To Play with in game purchases.

Roblox has a lot to be explored. It's massive user base leads to addition of new games and levels everyday. So yea unless you have really a lot of time to kill and can tolerate little bit of cliche of repetitiveness this is a game to go. Just 250 mb of download size in Xbox One won't take much time either.

I recommend playing Stop it, Slender! 2 which is a rip off of the popular Slender Man.

If you play this game and have any favorites you'd like me to play let me know in the comments.

See you in Live Stream. ;)

07 March, 2017

[FIXED] DOTA2 Ping for BSNL users

A few days ago I wrote a little trick to improve your ping with BSNL by restarting the router until you get a better ping, well I just came across a solution which works every time. Although it is still not permanent it's just one-time effort you have to do before starting DOTA2.

Step 1: Open your modem/routers settings, usually

Step 2: Go to Interface Setup (could be something else with yours)

Just set up a static IP setting to something that has previously given you good ping. Like for me, it was

Static IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Gateway or Default Gateway:

you can also try the following details

Static IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Gateway or Default Gateway:

Leave the rest of the setting as it is and save.

Unless you have noticed let me tell you your Internet is not working now.

Step 3: Go to Settings again and revert what we did in the previous step and use Dynamic IP instead.

Now you will be automatically assigned to a valid IP close to what

you entered before in Static IP settings.

Check your DOTA2 ping and thank me later.

Edit 1: This method is guaranteed to work just sometimes you have to do it multiple times.

Have patience and repeat until you get the desired IP around the ones mentioned above.

06 March, 2017

Generate Passive Income Ideas

This is meant for anyone who is looking forward to setup an online business and or make money online. You might be surprised by how long the little efforts can go when working online.
But then again nothing in this world is free neither is making money. I will be sharing ways to popularize your Internet presence and some side sources which you can use to generate some passive income.

Let's get to the point directly.

First and most popular way any body should go for is going with a blog. Even if you think you don't need a blog or don't have the interest in running one, you should make one. Why? The answer is simple, your blog is permanent. Whether it makes sense or not if it gets some audience it will generate some income. Also a blog precisely a personal blog a best way of tracking your progress. Consider it like a public journal and self evaluation log.
Now you go set up a free blog either on Blogspot and if you really want to get into blogging register a domain. If you are inexperienced with how the blogs and websites work I suggest sticking with the free blogging services like Blogspot, WordPress. Having a self hosted website has its own perks though.

Doing Fiverr jobs.
This is quite popular and why not. It's totally worth it. Just explore Fiverr and you might come up with something that suits your talent.
Apart from Fiverr you can also target Freelancer.com and sign up in Web master forums like Digital Point. You will get to learn a lot that way.

Designing T-shirts, Decals and similar stuffs.

Services like RedBubble and PosterGully pay you with every sale you make. If you are worried that you cannot design something original or good, just drop it out of your head and start copying designs. You see everything in designs is either or copy or is inspired by something somewhere. So it is perfectly okay to copy designs. Just make sure its not too obvious violation of copy rights.

Setting up a store on Amazon, Flipkart and similar services.
This is one method you should opt if you have and can make an initial investment. To be honest it is not as easy as it sound here. You don't just invest money and start getting returns. You need do a thoruogh research before that. How? you may ask.
Let me summarize what I have read over on different sites.
Study the market first which is the shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart. There you can filter out the popular content.
Now do a research on whole sale market. Which is AliExpress and Alibaba website.
Compare selling price of the products and buying price and you can come up with a list of products that can generate substantial profit margin.
That's it. Start your store and wait. I recommend googling such tactics of selling products online.
Not only this, once you setup a store you can target audience using Instagram and Facebook as well.

04 March, 2017

How to improve your Adsense earnings

If you are new to blogging and still struggling to improve traffic on your blog, this post is NOT meant for you. I strongly recommend not looking into articles for improving your Adsense earning before write. Always remember when it comes to blogging there is no short cut way through it unless of course if you spend hundreds of dollars in promotion.

Anyways moving forwards these are some tips methods to improve your Adsense earning if you have an established blog with a fine traffic.

1. Writing post on high CPC keywords.

This is basic and self understanding. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. Think of it like if you are going to get about 4-5 ad click every day the generated revenue is directly proportional to CPC.
You can monitor high CPC keywords using Google Adwords.
Apart from that you can simply just write on what you are good at and expect to make it through.

2. Experimenting with ad units.

If you have been looking through the topic of increasing you Adsense revenue I'm pretty sure you have already wasted a lot of time playing around with the ad units in your website/blog.
Anyways, it pure waste of time. Just remember that the Basic is the Best. Keep your site simple. Take note of how I have placed ads on my site. In fact take note of how any other popular blog have placed ads on their site, it's always the same. One ad below the title, one ad in the sidebar and one ad in between the content(this is what I don't have though).
Don't waste much of your time in deciding what's the best placement for your ads or what is the best theme for your blog. You can also use my free Blogspot theme just in case. It's Adsense ready so you just have to replace my codes with yours.

3. Your site speed.

If your site is slow at loading, just don't expect the ads to run the way they should. That would directly hit your earnings.
Just make sure you don't run either too many scripts, ads or pop ups to make sure your site speed is fine.