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Java Programming Basics to Brilliance Part 2

This post is a progression to previous post here . Java Syntax Every language in this world has a syntax so does a programming language like Java. Now take a look at the following programming  which simply prints the all famous "hello world." public class play { public static void main(String[] args){ System.out.println("hello world."); } } In this program what we do is create a class by the name of play.  In this class we create a function or method by the name of main in which we print out a line "hello world.". Any program in java will always have a class and a main method. When a java program is executed, the main method is called and all of the statements in this method are executed in progression. Writing the above lines of code is a piece of cake in Eclipse. To further define what is happening in above program in details, lets break it. public class play { States the beginning of the class. We stated class a

Java Programming Basics to Brilliance Part 1

Let's get our hands dirty with Java Application Development. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand and code in Java programming language. We will also be making some real-life application which I haven't yet decided. Now, I know there are just too many sites out there which can teach you Java and probably far better than what I am writing here. So what am I gonna do here which is different from them? Nothing. I am only going to repeat what you have probably already read. But I will keep it short and try to make it as easy as possible. This is part one, and I haven't planned as for how many parts this series will have. This tutorial is meant for complete beginners to the Programming world. This will get you an idea of how programming(not just Java) works in the shortest possible way. Useful links: This is my way of tracking my progress.  Firs

Are Backlinks and keywords really dead? An insight on SEO hack

I usually don't like the world of SEO and marketing, reason being anyone with enough money to throw can make absurd things popular. Have you seen useless Facebook pages with little to no updates but an immense audience, websites with great Alexa rank and traffic yet no useful content, celebrity pages with ridiculous likes and followers. It all happens in the backyard of the Internet. It's all like a surface of Deep Web. Okay I went too far. But I hope you get the idea. So I am here to disclose something which people think is long dead. Backlinks. If you are into SEO and or have been into it before you must be aware of how Google penalizes pages with weird backlink activity and they even hide the keywords details now. They restricted ways to hack into search results. And I think it was all for good and still is. It significantly improves the search results and you are less likely to wander among useless websites. Simply the search results are more dependent on Domain Authority

SQL in a nutshell | Learn SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to access and modify the data in a database. All dynamic web applications and websites make use of a database and only way to access these database is through SQL. Now practically what happens is that a programming language passes an SQL command which returns the result which is further processed for viewing. Demo of what we are making here Post it! Chatroom Let's cut the theory and move to practical. Objective: We will be making a small PHP website(chat room) using the SQL commands to feed and fetch the details. I will leave the lessons of PHP for some other day, in fact I'm myself in the learning phase as well. Part 1. Database and SQL installation. If you wish to run a database on your local machine follow this link . I recommend using an online service for practicing. 000webhost  is free and provides you everything. For this tutorial I will be using 000webhost so that the project I end up with will be

HTML and CSS in a nutshell | Learn HTML and CSS

If you are new to the programming world HTML is something you should start from. HTML is not really a programming language though but getting to know it is a must have for anyone who wishes to make web applications. This (not so)little guide/tutorial will cover most of the HTML and CSS and a little bit of HTML5 which would be more than enough to get you started with web development. Lets start with complete basics. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is not a programming language, it's a mark-up language meant for defining and formatting web pages. HTML can be combined with many different programming languages to achieve anything, literally. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is used for defining the style of a webpage. Let's skip the theory and move to practical. Overview:  Part I: Making a Simple HTML Page. Part II: Learning various HTML tags. Part III: Basic CSS. Part I: Making a simple HTML page. <html> <h

Custom Profile Badge 2 inspired by Linked In

Previously we had made a multi-profile badge which you can find here . Now comes the version two of this badge. Which is nothing but the same badge with a cover background. Honestly it's just a rip off of LinkedIn profile badges. But since they are limited to LinkedIn, you can use this profile badge to meet your need. Output of this post will be a profile badge that looks something like this, Since this is basically a modified version of the previous profile badge we are going to reuse the same code. Step 1. Define the CSS for circular image, then a CSS for list of links, and then the badge border and a background cover which is nothing but a background image positioned properly. .profileBadge img  { border-radius :  50% ; width :  150px ; height :  150px ; margin :  auto ; display :  block ; padding :  5px ; text-align :  center ; } .profileBadge li  { text-transform :  uppercase ; list-style :  none ;