How to Optimize your Site Design for Adsense Responsive Ads

As much as the ad placement matters for maximum exposure, the site design play an important role as well.
You can check out How to place Adsense ads for maximum exposure and not annoy your audience and today we will change our site's design to comply with ads and make them look better.

I am using CODA Basic Theme. You can also learn how to make your own Blogger template from Make your own Blogger theme that you can sell.

Now back to topic, given that we are using default ad placement from the Blogger menu, we also need to place some ads our self. Like the 900x270 billboard cannot be placed by default.
You need to create the Ad unit in the Adsense and place the ad code above the main-post and sidebar. In CODA Themes, the ideal placement is just at the starting of the container division as shown.

Now the ads you place yourself are usually alright. But what about the ads that appear by enabling the ad setting?

They are usually the responsive ad units. To make the best out of theme we need to give them as much space as possible.

For example: If your site is 500px wide, the ads that would appear by responsive ad unit will be 480px wide and 60px in height or any ad size unit that is lower than 500px width.

To tackle this small ads, we will simply increase the width of our container or the primary division in CODA Themes as shown.

The updated theme would be made available soon on CODA Themes.
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