How to place Adsense ads for maximum exposure and not annoy your audience

As much are the ads important for us, they tend to annoy our visitors sometimes. Like I myself hate the pop ups and not being able to see the actual content I visit some site for.

Now if you are using Adsense, your ads probably are already visitor friendly. Adsense don't use annoying pop-ups and the layover ads for mobiles are easily identifiable and not much of a pain.

Earning through ads totally relies on exposure of your ads to your audience. We maximize the exposure of ads and that too in a decent way.
To do this, I'm assuming you are on responsive site.

If you are unaware of the types of ad units Adsense provide, I would suggest you to take a look again.

Maximum exposure can be achieved by using one bill board, one links ads, one sidebar ad and one post ad.

To place the BIll Board Ad unit, use following CSS

margin: auto;
width: 970px;
height: 270px;

and place your ad in the defined class as follows

<div class='adsenseBillboard'>

your ad code here


What this CSS does is set your ad unit in the center of the webpage and it has a fixed size. Now if you open your site in a mobile browser you might not like what it looks like. To fix this, we are going to remove this ad unit from the responsive design. To do so add
    display: none;


to the part of your theme that define CSS for mobiles devices. Do the same thing for the links.
    display: none;

Also you don't need to define another CSS for the links.

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