[FIXED] DOTA2 Ping for BSNL users

A few days ago I wrote a little trick to improve your ping with BSNL by restarting the router until you get a better ping, well I just came across a solution which works every time. Although it is still not permanent it's just one-time effort you have to do before starting DOTA2.

Step 1: Open your modem/routers settings, usually

Step 2: Go to Interface Setup (could be something else with yours)

Just set up a static IP setting to something that has previously given you good ping. Like for me, it was

Static IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Gateway or Default Gateway:

you can also try the following details

Static IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Gateway or Default Gateway:

Leave the rest of the setting as it is and save.

Unless you have noticed let me tell you your Internet is not working now.

Step 3: Go to Settings again and revert what we did in the previous step and use Dynamic IP instead.

Now you will be automatically assigned to a valid IP close to what

you entered before in Static IP settings.

Check your DOTA2 ping and thank me later.

Edit 1: This method is guaranteed to work just sometimes you have to do it multiple times.

Have patience and repeat until you get the desired IP around the ones mentioned above.