26 January, 2017

Best FREE Alternatives to Photoshop

As good as Adobe Photoshop is, not everyone can afford to own a licensed version. Most of the Photoshop version out there in use are just pirated copies. But is it really that necessary?
Unless you are running a million dollar enterprise or a graphics developer team I really don't see any good reason for having a Photoshop, especially when there are lot's of work around to any problem.

Here I will be discussing some alternative approaches and softwares that can help you out from any Photoshop need with using Photoshop.

If you go on a search for a free alternative to Photoshop, this one will always be there in any list. And why not! GIMP is perfect in its own and there is a better version coming out very soon viz GIMP 3.0

Only problem GIMP has so far is it's inability to deal with high resolution. It's rather difficult to explain in words but I can give you an example of the problem. Say when you Open and image as a layer in your canvas and resize it, GIMP usually blurs the detail out of image thus rendering them next to useless. The work around to this is to resize the image outside GIMP say in Ms Paint and use the resized version.
Download: gimp.org/downloads


Inkscape is also a really popular vector graphics editor. Only problem is, it's a vector graphics editor. So unless you are going to vector graphics in this you will find it really difficult to work with.

Krita is a manga and anime drawing tool, but of course it's not limited to that. It's not like somebody will call SWAT on you for making a logo on Krtia. It's simple, full of feature which could take your whole day to learn everything and it's beautifully designed.
4. PIXLR.com/Editor

Now given all of the options, this has to be the best and it's an Online Editor. Pixlr has got all of the option you might need. Ofcourse it's tiresome to do hefty task on this since it's an online editor, but it's something you should have a bookmark of always.

25 January, 2017

How to make an Auto Blog using WordPress

If you are using WordPress chances are you are already aware of its power. One such power of the WordPress is to auto-mate things up. It's actually not WordPress but one of it's plugin.
WPeMatico let's you grab any RSS feed and post it as a separate post in your WordPress blog.

Here's the step by step instruction to setup your automated WordPress blog. Please note that WPeMatico is really powerful plugin and not every site appreciates their content being copied. So leave necessary credits to the owners of the content you tend to post on your Blog.

Step. 1: Upload WPeMatico Plugin in WordPress and activate it.

Step. 2: Find the feed url. Go to any site you want the content from and open there feed url. 
For example: example.com/feed
Some times the feed url could be different like example.com/RSS or example.com/atom

Step. 3: Once you confirm the feed url add new campaign.

Step. 4: Add the feed url.

and activate cron and set any schedule.

Step. 4: Run you campaign once to ensure everything is working fine.

Your auto blog is up and running.
Also see:


24 January, 2017

How to make self hosted WordPress site for FREE

There are a number of ways to make a website or a blog. Be it Blogger, Tumblr, Wix but when it comes to professional web development one would always come back over and again to WordPress or any similar service like Joomla. But Joomla isn't all that popular now, it's the WordPress which own the Internet for now and why not!
There are a number of advantages of WordPress, and I'm not talking about WordPress.com.
There is a big difference in self-hosted and free WordPress sites. WordPress.com blogs are limited to a great extent, hence we stick to self hosted WordPress site.
Oftentimes one give up the idea of building a self hosted WordPress site because hosting is not cheap and cheap ones are not reliable.

Today we will be making a WordPress site with little to no efforts and on a reliable server as well.
I will be using 000webhost for hosting my WordPress site.

Step.1: Go to 000webhost from here. Sign up and leave your account there for a while.
Step. 2: Register a domain name. I recommend using Godaddy as they have got really cheap offers as well.
Step. 3: Set your name servers to    ns01.000webhost.com   and   ns01.000webhost.com
Step.4: Once your site is active use WordPress auto-installer which you can see after logging into your 000webhost account.

Your WordPress site is ready.

23 January, 2017

How to make a Facebook Page and make it popular

If you run a business or a website Facebook is the best possible medium to sxpose it to the right audience. In order to do that you can either adviertise your website or use a page for its promotion.
Anyways you will need a Facebook page.

Following this little guide you will be able to create a Facebook page and make it popular to reach the right audience.

I'm pretty sure you know how to make a Facebook page because it is not that difficult. You can skip this part if you already have a Facebook page.

Step 1: To make a Facebook page go to Create Page.

There are lots of categories as for what you page is about. Take a little time to perfectly categorize your page but even if you set it up in the wrong category it does not matter since the guys at Facebook update your category upon review.

Step.2:Follow page tips to settle everything else related to your page.

Step. 3: Once your page is active it's time for some quality content.
Write some posts, upload some photos share others content. Make atleast 10-15 posts in a span of 3 days whether or not you have an audience. This is so that you have a content which you could put on promotion.

Step. 4: Getting the audience.
The legal hack to do is to use Facebook Ads.
You can check out my previous post on this matter here.


The not-so-legitimate way of getting the audience is to use third party advertisements or like-generation applications. These are not illegitimate actually just not as effective in some matters as you would expect.
Why and how?
There are sites like likesasap.com, freelikes4you.com, givemelikes.com and many more. Please be ware that some of such sites could be carrying harmful applications or files so at all times avoid download or installing something from them.
Use these sites, setup a page audience, then your ads will do double the benefits.

At last, it all comes down to content. What ever your business is, when you are running something on the Internet it requires content and quality. Once you stop updating your sites or pages you will always see a significant drop in your popularity.

Happy blogging!

18 January, 2017

How to use Facebook to boost your Business

Facebook has been the most popular social from a really long time now. Back in the days of MySpace and Orkut it had competition, but now when we talk about a "Social Network" the first thing that hits your head is Facebook, unless you are from China or Japan maybe.

Since everyone out there must be using Facebook, or majority is, Facebook becomes the best possible way for reaching a targeted audience.
Now there are multiple ways you can achieve your goals and the idea of this post is to clear up the fog for you and decide what's best for you.

Let me tell you a little secret. Facebook Ads are really really "cheap". Not in quality but in price. So without giving it any other thought if you can invest a little in promoting your valuable content, prefer Facebook over Adsense or Bing Ads.

What all options for marketing are available on Facebook?
Facebook Ads carry a lot of variety. You can promote not only your websites and pages but also your individual posts, photos and videos.

Let's say if you run a video production channel on YouTube, instead of promoting your page on Facebook you should promote a particular video link. That way you end up getting more views for your video and the genuinely interested parties do open up the page it is being posted from which means you get the traffic that is more likely to interact with your future posts.

Making a Page for your business.
When you make a page for your business you need to make sure you have the right audience. It is really toxic having just fake likes on your page and no interaction from the people. To make sure that does not happen with you, do "NOT" buy fake likes. Do "NOT" post content a type of content your might not upload in future. That seriously degrades the quality of the page and once that happens your page is likely to die over time.
Now once you have a page you are supposed to share, write upload good content. How?
Upload pictures. Yes!
Just the pictures. Don't update the status, don't share any link. Just upload pictures. If you want to share a link, upload a picture and leave a link in description.
Just make sure, there is a picture there.
People tend to interact more with the images posts than textual ones.

Once you get a good audience on your page you can simply share links even with lower interactions it will be enough to satisfy you. There, you have your own free promotion anytime you want.

16 January, 2017

Unconventional Traffic Generation Hacks nobody shares

Oh you have heard of them I'm pretty sure, you just are not sure whether they are good for you or not.
I am talking about the unholy ways of generating traffic to your blog or website. By unholy I am referring to the means that most of the top blogs or websites use and would still deny that they would do anything such cheap. Of course is doesn't matter once you have made up a position, then you can gladly give up such practices. But everybody has to start from somewhere, and whether or not they admit, all of the blogs and websites have once in their life time would have done these practices to improve traffic to their site.

Let's hit the points directly and stop all these side talks.

1. Ads.
Simply, ads. Yea you would say I don't have a big budget to afford fancy ad networks. I never said you need a budget. All you need is an advertisers account. Now I am not here to share direct links to anything, you have the Internet and you can pretty much search for anything.
But I will tell you something that will help you refine your research. Ad networks like Adsense and Bing provide signup rewards which you can use to boost your website's web presence.
Just make sure you do use all your credits on time as they tend deplete over a given time.

Also, you can find coupon codes for credits on Web master forums like Digital Point and Wjunction. Not many sellers now a days but you've got to keep an eye for one.

This is pretty obvious. If somebody from other website leaves a comment on my blog I would be really interested in who that guy is. It's not just me, it happens with everyone. Unless if you are getting way more comments to keep a track of.
This is even considered not-healthy for a blog since leaving a comment on a toxic site would degrade your site's value. But wait you are not going to comment on any porn blog are you? That's it. Not all blogs out there are toxic. Some might be, but it's highly unlikely to come across one.

3. Link Building.
They say, that Page Rank is dead. But hey then there is another thing called Moz Rank. Which is somewhat similar. You know there will always be something like this in the play. It does not matter. If you still come across an opportunity to get link backs to your site, do exploit it. It is only considered bad when the link coming from again are "toxic" sites. But then again it's highly unlikely to run into a toxic site.

4. Updating Blog.
You must have heard some thing like "Keep your blog updated with 'quality content'."
I'm going to change this line a little bit

"Keep your blog updating".

You know when you stick to writing only quality content for your blog you are very likely to get a writer's block from time to time. And you know what is worse that writing rubbish? Not writing anything. My advice here is that you should always keep your blog updated to anythign that comes to your head. You need not worry about the quality of the post you write not about whether the niche is according to your blog. If you keep your blog updated whether or not certain post is worthy it might generate some traffic. And who knows what becomes viral.

5. Facebook.
This is one habit I don't have and I don't plan to use it in near future. You can say I'm saving it for someday in near future. But this works for now and I have tested it.
Have you ever seen fake Facebook profiles? Have you seen ridiculous spam comments? You must have seen unnecessary ads as well.

That's it. If you through a dollar in Facebook ads, you are likely to get half of its value's benefit.

15 January, 2017

How to stop Ongoing Windows Update

Do you find it frustrating that there is no pause or stop button right next to where the Windows show the update progress?

Follow these steps to stop the ongoing Windows download.

Step 1: Open Run(WINDOWS KEY + R) and type services.msc and press enter.

Step 2: Locate Windows Update service and double click it to open.

Step 3: From what appears next you can stop, pause  the on going Windows update and also prevent Windows from updating itself.

12 January, 2017

What is font awesome and how to use it?

This is meant for anyone who wishes to use font awesome and is totally unaware of its working.

Font Awesome is a set of icon vector graphics which can be used with CSS of your choice.

First of all we need to know what all icons it contains. For this you can check the font awesome cheatsheet at fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/


Step 1: Include the font awesome in your web page of theme by adding 

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css"/>

to the <head> section.

Step. 2: Call the font by its class from Cheatsheet.

for example: 

<i class="fa fa-heart"></i>
will result in 

That's it. You can explore more options at fontawesome.io/examples/ and make the best out of it.

How to Optimize your Site Design for Adsense Responsive Ads

As much as the ad placement matters for maximum exposure, the site design play an important role as well.
You can check out How to place Adsense ads for maximum exposure and not annoy your audience and today we will change our site's design to comply with ads and make them look better.

I am using CODA Basic Theme. You can also learn how to make your own Blogger template from Make your own Blogger theme that you can sell.

Now back to topic, given that we are using default ad placement from the Blogger menu, we also need to place some ads our self. Like the 900x270 billboard cannot be placed by default.
You need to create the Ad unit in the Adsense and place the ad code above the main-post and sidebar. In CODA Themes, the ideal placement is just at the starting of the container division as shown.

Now the ads you place yourself are usually alright. But what about the ads that appear by enabling the ad setting?

They are usually the responsive ad units. To make the best out of theme we need to give them as much space as possible.

For example: If your site is 500px wide, the ads that would appear by responsive ad unit will be 480px wide and 60px in height or any ad size unit that is lower than 500px width.

To tackle this small ads, we will simply increase the width of our container or the primary division in CODA Themes as shown.

The updated theme would be made available soon on CODA Themes.

04 January, 2017

How to place Adsense ads for maximum exposure and not annoy your audience

As much are the ads important for us, they tend to annoy our visitors sometimes. Like I myself hate the pop ups and not being able to see the actual content I visit some site for.

Now if you are using Adsense, your ads probably are already visitor friendly. Adsense don't use annoying pop-ups and the layover ads for mobiles are easily identifiable and not much of a pain.

Earning through ads totally relies on exposure of your ads to your audience. We maximize the exposure of ads and that too in a decent way.
To do this, I'm assuming you are on responsive site.

If you are unaware of the types of ad units Adsense provide, I would suggest you to take a look again.

Maximum exposure can be achieved by using one bill board, one links ads, one sidebar ad and one post ad.

To place the BIll Board Ad unit, use following CSS

margin: auto;
width: 970px;
height: 270px;

and place your ad in the defined class as follows

<div class='adsenseBillboard'>

your ad code here


What this CSS does is set your ad unit in the center of the webpage and it has a fixed size. Now if you open your site in a mobile browser you might not like what it looks like. To fix this, we are going to remove this ad unit from the responsive design. To do so add
    display: none;


to the part of your theme that define CSS for mobiles devices. Do the same thing for the links.
    display: none;

Also you don't need to define another CSS for the links.

03 January, 2017

[FIXED] Packet Loss and Lag in DOTA2 7.00

If you are experiencing packet loss in DOTA2 ever since it got "the big update" you might have to address the following solutions.
I have no idea as for what actually did the trick for me since I did everything I could and possibly this could work for you.

Firstly you have to make sure it's the problem at your end and not your ISP.
Once sure that there is no problem with your Internet you need to check your connection with the DOTA servers. Now the trick here is to check your connection in different servers. To do so simply connect to any other server than the one you have problem in. Even if the ping is high. Not too high though.

Little explanation here.
Ping and Packet Loss are two entirely different things. You could have good ping but still get massive packet loss. This is because Ping is rather a small transfer of data but when it comes to packet loss, it refers to data packets lost while transferring large amounts of data.
So if you had packet loss in one server connect to a different server with rather higher ping and check if you still get the packet loss.

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For example if you play in SEA Server, try playing a match in Dubai, Japan or India in-spite of higher ping. Besides you can easily play in pings unto 150 and 150-200 ping should be okay to some extent as well.

1. Disabling X-Box Game DVR.

Pretty useless for us. To manually disable Game DVR follow this.

2. Go to task manager > Services
Locate BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) and stop it.

3. Disable/quit NVIDIA GeForce Experience, if you have that.

4. Restart Steam.